Medicine Hat Bantam A1 tourney ready to roll

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The 43rd edition of the Medicine Hats Hounds Bantam A1 Tournament is set to roll again this weekend, starting Thursday, November 12. The championship game will start at noon Sunday.

The storied tournament is widely scouted by junior and college teams as most of the top teams in Western Canada are participating.

Sixteen teams are divided into four pools, and play a round robin of three games, with the top two teams in each pool moving into a championship round.

BC teams have dominated the tournament the past few years, with the North Shore Winter Club (2014 team pictured above) winning the last three tournaments, and Burnaby Winter Club winning three of the previous four.

This year the BWC Bruins are holding down top spot in the PCAHA league and the Winterhawks are in second place. The Bruins downed the Hawks 5-1 in their first meeting but edged them just 1-0 with a lone third period goal on November 8.

The teams are again coached by long time rivals, Jim Dinwoodie at North Shore and John Batchelor at BWC. Both coaches have won several championships at the tournament.

Other BC teams this year include Prince George, Delta, and Pursuit of Excellence (PoE).

Three years ago, a rival tournament in Calgary sprouted up to compete head to head on same weekend, and as a result none of the Calgary MHA teams attend Medicine Hat. Some of the top BC academy teams have also opted for the Calgary tourney – Delta, Yale and OHA, along with some other strong northern Alberta and Saskatchewan (Notre Dame) teams that formerly went to the Hounds tourney, much to the chagrin of the scouts.

Even with the split in talent, the Medicine Hat tournament remains a strong draw for many of the top teams, and the winner will certainly bring home some bragging rights again this year.

Here the pools, with the teams in no particular order, along with the schedule.

Traditionally each pool is seeded with one of the top teams, and then balanced according to their ranking by tournament organizers.

The tournament is the second of the Big 3; with the first in Chilliwack on Thanksgiving, followed by the John Reid in St. Albert in early January.

Hockey Hub will update scores throughout the weekend.


Edmonton SSAC
Prince George
PoE (Academy)
Ft. Sask.
Edmonton KoC
Sask Valley
Edge (Academy)
Edmonton CAC
Medicine Hat SEAC



G. Time Day Div. Home GF Away GF
1 5:00 PM Nov. 12 W Edmonton SSAC Humboldt
2 5:00 PM Nov. 12 R Pursuit of Excellence (POE) Fort Saskatchewan
3 5:30 PM Nov. 12 R Colorado Edmonton K of C
4 5:00 PM Nov. 12 W Prince George Delta
5 8:00 PM Nov. 12 G North Shore Sask Valley
6 8:00 PM Nov. 12 B Medicine Hat SEAC Edmonton CAC
7 8:30 PM Nov. 12 B Edge Burnaby
8 8:00 PM Nov. 12 G Lloydminster Airdrie
9 8:00 AM Nov. 13 R Fort Saskatchewan Colorado
10 8:00 AM Nov. 13 R Edmonton K of C Pursuit of Excellence (POE)
11 8:30 AM Nov. 13 W Humboldt Prince George
12 8:00 AM Nov. 13 W Delta Edmonton SSAC
13 11:00 AM Nov. 13 G Airdrie North Shore
14 11:00 AM Nov. 13 B Edmonton CAC Edge
15 11:30 AM Nov. 13 G Sask Valley Lloydminster
16 11:00 AM Nov. 13 B Burnaby Medicine Hat SEAC
17 5:00 PM Nov. 13 R Pursuit of Excellence (POE) Colorado
18 5:00 PM Nov. 13 W Humboldt Delta
19 5:30 PM Nov. 13 W Prince George Edmonton SSAC
20 5:00 PM Nov. 13 R Fort Saskatchewan Edmonton K of C
21 8:00 PM Nov. 13 B Medicine Hat SEAC Edge
22 8:00 PM Nov. 13 G North Shore Lloydminster
23 8:30 PM Nov. 13 G Airdrie Sask Valley
24 8:00 PM Nov. 13 B Edmonton CAC Burnaby
25 10:00 AM Nov. 14 1st Place Red 2nd Place Green
26 10:00 AM Nov. 14 1st Place Green 2nd Place Red
27 10:00 AM Nov. 14 1st Place White 2nd Place Blue
28 10:30 AM Nov. 14 1st Place Blue 2nd Place White
29 1:00 PM Nov. 14 4th Place Red 4th Place Green
30 1:00 PM Nov. 14 4th Place White 4th Place Blue
31 1:00 PM Nov. 14 3rd Place Red 3rd Place Green
32 1:30 PM Nov. 14 3rd Place White 3rd Place Blue
33 6:00 PM Nov. 14 Winner Game 25 Winner Game 27
34 6:30 PM Nov. 14 Winner Game 26 Winner Game 28
35 9:00 AM Nov. 15 Loser Game 29 Loser Game 30
36 9:00 AM Nov. 15 Loser Game 31 Loser Game 32
37 9:00 AM Nov. 15 Loser Game 26 Loser Game 27
38 9:30 AM Nov. 15 Winner Game 31 Winner Game 32
39 Noon Nov. 15 Loser Game 25 Loser Game 28
40 12:30 Nov. 15 Winner Game 29 Winner Game 30
41 Noon Nov. 15 Loser Game 33 Loser Game 34
42 Noon Gold Winner Game 33 Winner Game 34


Last year’s award winners:

NSWC Gold, 6-1 vs Edge Mountaineers

BWC Bronze, 10-2 vs PAC Saints.

The Player of the Tournament and MVP award went to Ilijah Colina of the Burnaby Winter Club. He finished the round robin with 3 goals and 3 assists, for 6 points in 3 games.

The All-star team:

Forward- Ilijah Colina (Burnaby Winter Club)

Forward- Tristen Nielson (Edge Mountaineers)

Forward- Jackson Leppard (North Shore Winter Club)

Defenceman- Ethan Cap (North Shore Winter Club)

Defenceman- Austin Chorney (Edge Mountaineers)

Goaltender- James Porter (Edge Mountaineers)


Other notable awards include:

SEAC Scholarship- Dawsen Savage (SEAC)

Best Defenceman- Ethan Cap (North Shore Winter Club)

Most Outstanding Goalie- James Porter (Edge)

Most Goals- Elijah Brown (SSAC), Alexander Pescitelli (Vancouver), Isaac Saniga (PAC)

Most Sportsmanlike- Luka Burzan (North Shore Winter Club)

Best Coach- Taylor Valin (Ft. Saskatchewan)

Most Sportsmanlike Team- Leduc