32nd Chilliwack Bantam AAA Tourney Gets Underway

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October 5, 2017

The 32th Annual Chilliwack Bantam AAA tournament kicks off today, officially signaling the beginning of a new season for top bantam prospects across Western Canada and the US.

This year the tournament features 24 teams competing in two divisions – Elite and AAA, and attracts top WHL and Jr. A scouts from Western Canada, looking for new talent for junior ranks, two or three years down the road.

As has been the trend for the past three years, top ranked Canadian Sports School Hockey League Bantam Academy teams are challenging top minor hockey, Winter Club, and now – BC Zone teams, in a four day competition at the Prospera Centre and Twin Rinks in Chilliwack.

On day one, Thursday, October 5,  six games will get underway, with six Academy teams facing off vs six minor hockey, club, or BC Zone associations: Yale (Academy) vs NSWC (Club), Delta Green (Academy) vs Rocky Mountain (Colorado-Club), Delta White (Academy) vs Calgary Bison (Calgary AAA association), BWC (new Academy team) and BC South Zone (new BC district team), St. Georges (new Vancouver Academy Team) vs Nanaimo (MHA), and Chilliwack (MHA) vs Victoria-based Pacific Coast Hockey Academy.

Here are the divisions and the schedule for the weekend, with scores so far.



Dennis Anderson
OHA Edmonton
South Zone


Dave Archibald
Delta Green
Prince George
Rocky Mountain


Doug Ast
NW Calgary
St. Georges


Rob Tallas
Calgary Bisons
Delta White


Bob Ames
OHA Penticton
San Diego


Nathan Martz
Juan de Fuca



Thursday, October 5

Game # Pool Time Venue Home GF Away GF
RR-01 Tallas 4:00-6:00pm Prospera Red Yale 11 NSWC 0
RR-02 Archibald 5:00-7:00pm Twin Rinks 2 Delta Green 3 Rocky Mtn 1
RR-03 Tallas 5:00-7:00pm Prospera Blue Delta White 2 Calgary Bison 3
RR-04 Anderson 5:30-7:30pm Twin Rinks1 BWC 8 BC S. Zone 1
RR-05 Ast 7:15-9:15pm Twin Rinks 2 St Georges 6 Nanaimo 2
RR-06 Ames 7:45-9:45pm Twin Rinks 1 Chilliwack PCHA


Friday, October 6

G # Pool Time Venue Home GF Away GF
RR-07 Archibald 7:00-9:00am Prospera Blue Airdrie Prince George
RR-08 Anderson 7:45-9:45am Twin Rinks 2 OHA Edm Edge
RR-09 Ast 8:00-10:00am Prospera Red Shawnigan NW Calgary
RR-10 Ames 8:15-10:15am Twin Rinks 1 OHA Pen. San Diego
RR-11 Martz 9:15-11:15am Prospera Blue POE JDF
RR-12 Martz 10:00-12:00pm Twin Rinks 2 NAX Okotoks
RR-13 Tallas 10:15-12:15pm Prospera Red NSWC Delta White
RR-14 Tallas 10:30-12:30pm Twin Rinks 1 Calgary Bison Yale
RR-15 Archibald 11:30-1:30pm Prospera Blue Prince George Rocky Mtn
RR-16 Anderson 12:30-2:30pm Twin Rinks 2 Airdrie Delta Green
RR-17 Ast 1:00-3:00pm Prospera Red NW Calgary St. Georges
RR-18 Archibald 1:00-3:00pm Twin Rinks 1 Edge BC S. Zone
RR-19 Ast 2:45-4:45pm Twin Rinks 2 Nanaimo Shawnigan
RR-20 Ames 3:15-5:15pm Twin Rinks 1 Chilliwack San Diego
RR-21 Martz 5:00-7:00pm Prospera Red JDF Okotoks
RR-22 Anderson 5:15-7:15pm Twin Rinks 2 BWC OHA Edm
RR-23 Ames 5:45-7:45pm Twin Rinks 1 PCHA OHA Pen.
RR-24 Martz 7:15-9:15pm Prospera Red POE NAX
RR-25 Tallas 7:30-9:30pm Twin Rinks 2 Yale Delta White
RR-26 Tallas 8:00-10:00pm Twin Rinks 1 NSWC Calgary Bison  –


Saturday, October 7

Game # Pool Time Venue Home GF Away GF
RR-27 Anderson 8:00-10:00am Twin Rinks 1 Edge BWC
RR-28 Ast 8:00-10:00am Prospera Blue Nanaimo NW Calgary
RR-29 Archibald 8:30-10:30am Twin Rinks 2 Delta Green Prince George
RR-30 Archibald 8:30-10:30am Prospera Red Rocky Mtn Airdrie
RR-31 Anderson 10:15-12:15pm Twin Rinks 1 BC S Zone OHA Edm.
RR-32 Ames 10:15-12:15pm Prospera Blue San Diego PCHA
RR-33 Ast 10:45-12:45pm Prospera Red St. Georges Shawnigan
RR-34 Martz 11:00-1:00pm Twin Rinks 2 NAX JDF
RR-35 Martz 12:30-2:30pm Prospera Blue Okotoks POE
RR-36 Ames 12:45-2:45pm Twin Rinks 1 Chilliwack OHA Pen.

Two hour break between Round Robin and Playoff Round

Game # Pool Time Venue Home GF Away GF
Elite1 Elite 4:45-6:45pm Twin Rinks 2 8th seed 9th seed
Elite2 Elite 5:00-7:00 pm Prospera Blue 5th seed 12th seed
Elite3 Elite 5:15-7:15pm Twin Rinks 1 6th seed 11th seed
Elite4 Elite 7:00-9:00pm Twin Rinks 2 7th seed 10th seed
AAA1 AAA 7:15-9:15pm Prospera Blue 8th seed 9th seed
AAA2 AAA 7:30-9:30pm Twin Rinks 1 5th seed 12th seed


Sunday, October 8

Game # Pool Time Venue Home GF Away GF
AAA3 AAA 7:30-9:30am Twin Rinks 1 6th seed 11th seed
Elite5 Elite 8:00-10:00am Twin Rinks 2 1st seed winner Elite1
AAA4 AAA 8:00-10:00am Prospera Red 7th seed 10th seed
Elite6 Elite 9:45-11:45am Twin Rinks 1 4th seed winner Elite2
Elite7 Elite 10:15-12:15pm Twin Rinks 2 3rd seed winner Elite3
Elite8 Elite 10:15-12:15pm Prospera Red 2nd seed winner Elite4
AAA5 AAA 12:15-2:15pm Twin Rinks 1 1st seed winner AAA1
AAA6 AAA 12:30-2:30pm Prospera Red 4th seed winner AAA2
AAA7 AAA 12:45-2:45pm Twin Rinks 2 3rd seed winner AAA3
AAA8 AAA 2:30-4:30pm Twin Rinks 1 2nd seed winner AAA4
AAA11 AAA 3:00-5:00pm Twin Rinks 2 loser AAA1 loser AAA2
Elite9 Elite SF 5:00-7:00pm Twin Rinks 1 winner Elite5 winner Eltie6
Elite10 Elite SF 5:30-7:30pm Twin RInks 2 winner Elite7 winner Elite8
Elite11 Elite 7:15-9:15pm Twin Rinks 1 loser Elite1 loser Elite2
AAA12 AAA 7:45-9:45pm Twin Rinks 2 loser AAA3 loser AAA4


Monday, October 9

AAA9 AAA SF 7:00-9:00am Prospera Blue Win AAA5 Win AAA6
AAA10 AAA SF 7:30-9:30am Prospera Red Win AAA7 Win AAA8
Elite12 Elite 8:00-10:00am Twin Rinks 2 loser Elite3 loser Elite4
Elite14 Elite 9:15-11:15am Prospera Blue loser Elite7 loser Elite8
Elite13 Elite 9:45-11:45am Twin Rinks 1 loser Elite5 loser Elite6
AAA13 AAA 9:45-11:45pm Prospera Red loser AAA5 loser AAA6
AAA14 AAA 10:15-12:15pm Twin Rinks 2 loser AAA7 loser AAA8
Elite15 Elite Final 12:15-2:15pm Twin Rinks 1 Win Elite9 Win Elite10
AAA15 AAA Final 12:45-2:45pm Twin Rinks 2 Win AAA9 Win AAA10