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PCAHA Peewees – Playoffs Underway – Tier 2

    February 21, 2019 PCAHA Playoffs – Peewee Tier 2 The Tier 2 playoffs are a bit behind Tier 1 in the PCAHA schedule – no team has qualified for the Final 4 yet. Things got started with a single game on February 4 to determine which team would advance into the Tier 2 Read More »

PCAHA Peewees – Semiahmoo top dog, BWC #2 and NSWC #3

        February 6, 2019 Final Standings PCAHA Peewee Flights Here’s how things finished in the regular season for this year’s Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association Peewee teams.     FLIGHT 1 In the Top Flight, Semiahmoo almost ran the table, notching 19 wins and a tie over the 20 game regular season. Read More »

PCAHA Peewee T2 – Playoff Update, All Top seeds advance to R3

    February 17, 2018 Here’s a quick look at the PCAHA Tier 2 Peewee playoffs so far. Rounds 1 and 2 are complete with all top seeds advancing through both rounds. In Round 1, the bottom half of the 24 qualifying teams, from #11 Ridge Meadows through #24 Richmond competed. Round 1: #11 Ridge Read More »

PCAHA Peewee T1 – Playoff Update

    February 17, 2018 Here’s a quick look at the PCAHA Tier 1 Peewee playoffs so far. Round 1 is complete with all top seeds advancing with the exception of #7 Vancouver, and #8 Cloverdale.  Round 2 is just getting underway. Round 1: #1 BWC vs #16 Burnaby Minor, BWC 8-2 W, BWC advance Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Playoff Brackets 2017-2018

    February 7, 2018 As noted in a previous post, PCAHA teams are re-grouped after the 20 game PCAHA regular season, from seven Flights into four Tiers in order to comply with BC Hockey Provincial Playoff rules. The first round of playoffs is just getting underway, and will eventually narrow down to the Final Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Final Standings 2017-2018

  February 7, 2018 As playoffs get underway for the Pacific Coast Peewee teams, scroll down to see a summary of how the teams finished in the standings overall, in their individual Flights. To see how the teams are grouped for playoffs, click here. Playoff primer: For those not familiar with the “A” and “T” Read More »

Hockey Hub, PCAHA Peewee Rankings

  December 19, 2017 Peewee Rankings Here are the latest Hockey Hub rankings for PCAHA Peewee teams, just prior to the holiday break. Top 5 are: BWC A1, Langley A1, Semiahmoo A1, Seafair A1 and NSWC A1. BWC have two teams in the Top Flight. Methodology: Hockey Hub has generally, but not in every flight, moved Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Rankings – Placement

PCAHA PEEWEE October 20, 2017 Here are the early rankings for Peewee rep teams in the Lower Mainland. Rankings are determined on winning percentage, including sportsmanship points, with goal differential being the tie breaker. Teams are ranked relative only to other teams in their current group. No attempt has been made to move a team Read More »

No PCAHA Bantam Zone Teams for 2017-2018

  March 10, 2017 After months of speculation, it’s now official, there will be no Bantam Zone teams in the PCAHA – at least for 2017-2018. In a letter addressed to MHA presidents yesterday, PCAHA president, Lynne Kiang, reported the results of the second vote on the matter. Two options were on the ballot. The Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Rankings, Abby finish #1

February 10, 2017 PCAHA Peewee Team Rankings – End 2016-2017 Season Here are the Hockey Hub rankings for the PCAHA Peewee divisions at the end of the regular season. Rankings are based solely on PCAHA league play. Sportsmanship points have been removed and rankings based on winning percentage as the first tie-breaker, and goal differential Read More »

Final PCAHA Peewee Standings: by Tier & Flight

  Here’s a breakdown of the regular season records for all the PCAHA Peewee teams, reformatted to show relative standings by Tier (rather than Flight) – which are used to determine playoff match ups. BC Hockey provincial playoffs are contested in four Tiers, with a team’s Tier determined primarily by association size (Winter Clubs excepted). So a large Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Round 2 Scoreboard – All 4 Tiers

    The Round 2 quarter-finals of PCAHA Peewee Playoffs are underway, though few have been settled so far. Here is an overview of all 4 Tiers, with results to date:   PEEWEE TIER 1: Only one series decided to date, #3 NSWC A1 have advanced on 6-1 and 1-0 wins over #6 Langley A1. #1 BWC Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Playoffs – Round 1 Results, All 4 Tiers

    The first round of the PCAHA peewee rep teams is almost complete – one game remains in Tier 3. A total of 54 teams competed, with 16 in the top three tiers and 6 in Tier 4. Round one features the top 16 teams in each Tier playing off in a single game elimination Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Rankings

    December 18, 2014 Here are preliminary Hockey Hub rankings for PCAHA Peewee teams, after sportsmanship points removed and winning percentage factored. Rankings will be reviewed after all teams have finished their first 12 regular season games.   PCAHA Peewee December 18 HH PCA PCA PW Rank F PLC FLIGHT 1 GP W L T Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Flights, Placement records, rankings

  Here are the new flights for regular season play in the Peewee rep divisions for PCAHA teams this year. There are a total of seven flights, compacted from eight groups which competed in the placement round. 77 teams in all. Notable moves, Sno-Kings A1 from Group 4 to Flight 2, and Mission A1 and Burnaby Read More »

PCAHA Peewee A1 – Seafair downs BWC for Banner

Mar 4, 2014  Tier 1 Peewee Final Four In the end it was a perfect closed loop. Seafair Islanders closed out arch-rival BWC 4-1 in the final game of the regular PCAHA season, to claim the league title. The Islanders had opened their season with a 3-0 win over BWC in game 1, then lost Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Rep Playoffs, 4 pt Series Update

Feb 22, 2014   PCAHA Peewee Final 4 qualifier series are underway. First team to 4 points advance to Final 4. Up to four games may be played to determine the winner. Here are results to end of play Feb 22.   Tier 1 Peewee – Round 2 Three Final 4 teams now set. #1 Read More »

PCAHA Banner Winners

Feb 4. 2014 Here are the regular season banner winners along with the second and third place seeds in each PCAHA division this year.   Midget A1: Tier 1 Teams GP W L T Spts Pts GF GA PIM NSWC Midget A1-T1 18 13 3 2 12 40 52 27 286 Coquitlam Midget A1-T1 18 Read More »

PCAHA Peewee Rep Playoffs, Round 1 Matchups & Results

Feb 4. 2014 The PCAHA Peewee playoffs are underway. Here are the Round 1 Match ups and results so far. All series to be completed by Feb 8. Tier 1 First Round Teams 2 through 17 playoff in single game elimination series. Additional games required in case of ties. To date, four games have been Read More »

PCAHA Peewee A rankings, final standings

Feb 3. 2014   Here are final (unofficial) standings for all 84 PCAHA Peewee rep teams at the completion of the 20 game regular season schedule. Charts show teams regrouped into BC Hockey Tiers, along with overall number of teams in each tier, overall league rank, PCAHA flight, and rank within regular season flight. Seattle Read More »

PCAHA Peewee A rankings, final weekend

Jan 30, 2014   Here’s how teams are placed for PCAHA Peewee A playoffs going into the final weekend of regular season action. Standings will change once final games are played over the weekend. Chart shows teams regrouped into BC Hockey Tiers, along with overall league rank, PCAHA flight, and rank within regular season Flight. Read More »

PCAHA Games of Note

We bring to you the most important games coming up in the PCAHA over the next few weeks. As we sprint towards the finish, these games will determine if #1 seeds can hang on to top spot or if hungry teams in second, third or fourth place can make a late season push en route Read More »