BCHL rebrands social media handles

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August 22, 2018

The BCHL has rebranded all of its social media channels with a new handle – @GoBCHL.

This change applies to the league’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, which had previously been @bchllive, @BCHL Live and @realbchl respectively.

The ‘bchllive’ tag was established in 2010 when the league was introducing its initial social media entries. The name reflected the league’s pay-per-view streaming service at the time but no longer applies.

“As we were building our digital brand and voice, I was hesitant to make any alterations to our social media handles but I’m pleased to make this change right now because we’ve established a solid following across all our platforms,” said BCHL communications director Brent Mutis. “The ‘GoBCHL’ tag has energy and signifies our desire for all of our teams to achieve as much as possible each season.

“It also is a message to young players making a choice about their Junior hockey future; we of course want them to go with the BCHL as a path to college and pro hockey.”

The BCHL will continue to publish content across its three social media accounts including college commitment announcements, alumni news, highlight clips, franchise news and features on current players.