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BWC Atom A1 – GVC Group 1

The BWC Atom A1 team looks to be the team to beat again this year in the elite GVC Group 1 Atom division. After the first six games of placement round, the Bruins have a perfect record and have outscored the opposition 48-9, giving up a single goal in three games, and posting one shutout.

Two games were close, both 5-3 decisions, the first over the Vancouver T-Birds on Oct 18, and the second vs NSWC Oct 26.

The Bruins have yet to play the Richmond Atom A1 team, who share the same 5-1-0 record as the NSWC and Van T-Birds.

BWC Atom A2 – Group 1

The BWC Atom A2s are also playing in the top group, and are faring very well, with a 3-3-1 record. The team started with a rough outing against the A1s, losing 11-1, but turned the tables in their next game, winning 11-1 vs the Burnaby MHA Atom A1s.

The A2s lost 6-3 to NSWC A1 and 8-4 to Richmond A1, so are definitely very competitive with top teams in Tier 1.

BWC Atom A3 – Group 2

The A3 Atom Bruins have posted a 3-1-3 record and are currently ranked 4th in the Group 2 of the placement round, their single loss, 6-1 to Hollyburn A1s. The team has tied the North Van A1s, 3-3, and both the Van T-bird A2 and A3 teams 2-2, and posted wins over Arbutus A1, Burnaby A2, and Seafair A2.

The A2 T-Brids and North Van A1s are both undefeated at 5-0-1, Hollyburn is in third place with a 4-2-0 record.

BWC Atom A4 – Group 3

The BWC A4s meanwhile are 0-7-0 in Group 3, and most likely will move to Group 4 after placement, although that could depend on how many top teams move up.

Van T-Birds A4 are in first place with a 5-1-1 record and 6 sportsmanship points. New West A1 are 7-0-0 but with just 2 sporties are in second place. North Van A2 are 4-1-1.

All three could move up.

BWC Atom A5 – Group 4

The A5s meanwhile are also in tough, playing mostly A2 and A3 teams from other associations, and so far have a 1-5-0 record, posting a 4-0 win over North Van Atom A3. Hollyburn A2 are 6-0 and Richmond A2 are 6-1-0 and will likely move up.