BWC BA2 Remembrance Day Tourney: final RR games will set finalists

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With Sunday’s competition complete at BWC’s 5th Annual Bantam A2 Remembrance Day tournament, three teams in each of the two pools are in contention for the final four play off spots.

A total of ten teams are in competition in two pools, with final round robin games scheduled for Monday, and finals on Tuesday.

Tournament organizer Mark Rademaker started recruiting teams in June, and early results are proving the teams are well matched.

“You want three or four teams in each group trying to figure out what’s going to happen if this teams beats that one in the final round robin games, and that’s what we have tonight.”

The first and second place teams from each pool will advance to cross-over semis Tuesday morning, with the gold and bronze medal games played later on Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s the results so far, along with a few scenarios on what could happen Monday.


Pool A W L T Pts GF GA Diff Pos
BWC Bruins A2 2 0 1 5 15 9 6 2
Mission A1 0 3 0 0 5 15 -10 5
Campbell River Tyees 2 0 1 5 15 7 8 1
Abbotsford Hawks A2 0 2 0 0 4 14 -10 4
Delta Hockey Academy, Varsity 1 0 2 4 11 6 5 3
Pool B W L T Pts GF GA Diff Pos
Vancouver Eastside 2 0 1 5 12 8 4 1
Portland Winterhawks AA 1 0 2 4 12 8 4 2
NSWC A2 1 1 1 3 8 7 1 3
West Kelowna 1 2 0 2 2 10 -8 5
OHA, Varsity 1 2 0 2 3 10 -7 4


Pool A – Results

BWC A2, 2-2 vs Delta HA, 8-3 vs Abbotsord, 5-4 vs Mission A1.

Mission, 0-5 vs Delta HA, 1-5 vs Campbell River

Campbell River Tyees, 9-1 vs Abbotsford, 5-1 vs Mission, 4-4 vs Delta HA

Abbotsford, 1-9 vs Campbell River, 3-8 vs BWC A2

Delta Hockey Academy, 5-0 vs Mission, 2-2 vs BWC, 4-4 vs Campbell River.


A close win by BWC over Mission Friday night matches Campbell River Tyee’s 2-0-1 record, but a one goal +/- goal differential keeps the Tyee’s in the lead.

The Bruins and Tyees face off in a head to head Monday at 3:15 to determine top dog. If the teams tie, the Tyees would hold the advantage on the one goal differntial.

Delta Hockey Academy plays winless Abby Hawks A2s in their final round robin game. A win would give DHA six points which would be good enough for second place if either the Bruins or Tyees finish with a win.

If they tie, there will be a three way tie between the three teams, with goal differential being the tie breaker. This would mean Delta would have to win by a margin of at least two to advance past BWC.


Pool B

Van Eastside, 6-0 vs Okanagan HA, 7-1 vs West Kelowna, 3-3 vs Portland

Portland, 5-1 vs Okanagan HA, 4-4 vs NSWC A2, 3-3 vs Van Eastside

NSWC A2, 4-1 vs West Kelowna, 4-4 vs Portland, 0-2 vs Okanagan HA

West Kelowna, 1-4 vs NSWC A2, 1-7 vs Van Eastside


The critical game in Pool B is the match up between current front runner Vancouver Eastside and third place NSWC Monday at 1:30.

For NSWC it’s a must win, for a guarantee of a playoff spot, in at least second place. A win for East Side will clinch first place, a tie could also advance them.

For Portland, a win against winless West Kelowna will also clinch a playoff position, either first or second depending on what happens in the Van East-North Shore game.

An upset by West Kelowna and a win by NSWC, would put NSWC in first, by virtue of the win against Van East, with Van East then finishing second.

So, lots of scenarios possible, and just what you want for the last game of the round robin.