BWC Bantam A1 Seeding Appeal turned down by BC Hockey

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One of the anomalies to emerge after the finish of PCAHA championships and prior to the start of this year’s Provincial Playoffs relates to the mysterious process used to determine seedings for the Provinicials, in particular for this year’s PCAHA Bantam A1 and Peewee A1 divisions.

The BWC Bantam A1 team finished as PCAHA Champion, downing NSWC 2-1 in the Final 4, and yet were seeded as the #2 PCAHA team by BC Hockey.

In Peewee A1, Seafair defeated BWC 4-1 in the Final 4, and yet were seeded second. Typically the PCAHA Champion is seeded ahead of the runner up when the two teams move on to the Provincial championship seedings.

As seeding has an impact on scheduling for the provincials, with a more favorable draw going to the higher seed, the BWC Bantam A1 team asked BC Hockey for clarification on the matter.

They were told that league standings were only part of the determination, that head to head league play and tournament results also played a role. As these criteria also were in BWC’s favor this year – the team defeated NSWC in the semifinals of Chilliwack tournament and won the tournament, won another semi-final vs NSWC, though by forfeit, in the Medicine Hat tourney; then tied, lost and won (the final) in league play – the team launched a formal appeal.

In the end BC Hockey determined there was no procedure in place in their by-laws that would permit an appeal of a staff decision on seeding, and so the BWC appeal was denied.

Ironically for BWC, the reverse situation was working in favour of the BWC Peewee A1 team, who were awarded the PCAHA #1 seed, despite losing in the Final 4; 4-1 to Seafair, and losing, winning and tying Seafair in regular league play.

Seafair however had decided not to proceed with a formal appeal, after determining an appeal was unlikely to result in a change.

Both clubs have asked BC Hockey to clarify the position on seeding of teams from districts sending more than one team to provincials.

Seafair MHA President Nigel Shackles’ statement sums it up:

“What this whole situation points to, in the interest of fairness for all districts in the province, is the need to have a transparent seeding process. I’m not suggesting that the PCAHA teams should automatically be seeded above other districts, far from it. All I ask is that when districts send two teams to a BC Hockey Championships that the district teams are seeded according to who is the district champion and who is the runner up to that team.”


Does seeding really make a difference?

Here’s how the two top seeded schedules compare for the BC Bantam A1 Championships in Prince George:


Seed 1:

Game 1: A1 vs A6, 4:30 pm, Monday, March 17.

Game 2: A3 vs A1, 11:00 am, Tuesday, March 18.

Game 3: A5 vs A1, 8:00 pm, Tuesday, March 18.

Game 4: A1 vs A2, 2:00 pm, Wednesday, March 19.

Game 5: A1 vs A4, 8:00 am, Thursday, March 20.

Championship Game: 8:00 pm, Thursday, March 20.


Seed 2:

Game 1: A2 vs A5, 10:30 am Monday, March 17.

Game 2: A6 vs A2, 8:00 am, Tuesday, March 18.

Game 3: A4 vs A2, 5:00 pm, Tuesday, March 18.

Game 4: A1 vs A2, 2:00 pm, Wednesday, March 19.

Game 5: A2 vs A3, 11:00 am, Thursday, March 20.

Championship Game: 8:00 pm, Thursday, March 20.