BWC Peewee Report – Week 2

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Nov 28, 2013

Two weeks into the regular season Burnaby Winter Club’s Peewee teams are pretty much tracking as expected after their placement rounds. The Peewee A1 are at the top of their division. The A2s were bumped up into the top division and are in tough competing with the A1s and the other top teams from the Lower Mainland. The A3 and A4s are struggling to find wins but are playing competitive hockey most games, and have already played the toughest part of the schedule.

BWC Peewee A1

The A1 Bruins are rolling along at the top of the division after five games. The team finished the 8 game tiering round with 7 wins and one loss, 7-4 to Seafair. The Islanders also finished 7-1, losing their final placement game 1-0 to Langley.

Seafair quickly showed they’re for real when the two teams faced off again to open the regular season, Nov 12, beating the Bruins 3-0.

Since then though the Bruins have been in cruise mode,  scoring 36 goals and giving up just two over the next four games and currently sit in first place with 13 pts.

Langley is in second place with 4-0-0 but have just one sportsmanship point, for a total of only 9 pts.

Seafair has stumbled a bit, with 3 wins, a 3-2 loss to Langley and a 2-2 tie to NSWC, but also have 9 pts.

North Shore is a point back but have  played only three games.

The Bruins have the weekend off, and play their next game Monday, vs Cloverdale (2-2-0).

The season is shaping up to be very competitive at the top of the A1 division, so the team will have to bring their A game every game to stay in the lead.


BWC Peewee A2

The BWC Peewee A2s finished placement in Group 2 with a 7-1-0 record, and 7 sporties, and were moved to Flight 1 along with Hollyburn A1s  who finished a point ahead with a 7-0-1 record. BWC A2s sole loss was a 3-2 decision to Hollyburn in their final game.

The A2s knew moving up to Flight 1 would mean a much tougher competition, but so far the team has only played two games. They’ve lost both, 3-0 to Cloverdale and 6-1 to the BWC A1s.

The team faces three very tough contests this weekend and Monday; NSWC  (2-0-1) on Friday, Langley (4-0-0) on Saturday and Seafair (3-1-1) on Monday.

The BWC A2s are the only A2s in the top division. If they can play well over these next three games they’ll be in good shape to challenge for a playoff spot over the last half of the season.


BWC Peewee A3

The Peewee A3s finished in 7th place in Group 3, with one win, two ties and five losses. However, but for an 11-1 blowout loss against Chilliwack A1s, the A3s were solidly in three of the other four losses, losing by a goal or two. So the team stayed in Group 3 for the regular season.

Five games in it’s more of the same; just one win, two more ties, and close contests in their two losses. Only one game has gone sideways, a 7-1 loss to Port Moody, who are undefeated at 4-0-1.

The A3s have just one game on tap for the weekend, vs. Richmond (0-3-0) who have only scored one goal in three games. Richmond though, has had a nasty draw, playing the top three teams to start, and will be looking to turn things around in the Sunday match.

Interestingly the only other A3 team in the division, Langley, are in first place with 5-1-0 and 15 pts.



The A4 group have not had a great start to their season. The A4 Bruins finished placement at 1-6-1, with 22 GF vs 61 GA in and remained in Group 7 for the regular season.

So far the team has struggled to find its game, scoring just 6 goals in five games, while giving up 33.

The good news though is that the team has company, and will play their net three games against teams that are also finding it tough to win. Points against Abby (1-2-0), Surrey (1-0-4) and T-Birds (1-3-0) will get the team back in the running for the second half of the season.


Team records to Nov 27:

BWC Peewee A1
GF GA W L T Spt Pts
11/12/13 Seafair Peewee A1-T1 0 3 L 1 8
11/18/13 Semiahmoo Peewee A1-T1 9 0 W 1 4
11/23/13 Burnaby Winter Club Peewee A2-T2 6 1 W 1 4
11/25/13 Hollyburn Peewee A1-T1 10 0 W 1 2
11/27/13 Abbotsford Peewee A1-T1 11 1 W 1 2
36 5 0 0 0 5 20


Peewee A2
GF GA W L T Spt Pts
11/16/13 Cloverdale Peewee A1-T1 0 3 L 1 1
11/23/13 Burnaby Winter Club Peewee A1-T1 1 6 L 1 1
1 9 0 2 0 2 2
Peewee A3
. GF GA W L T Spt Pts
11/13/13 Semiahmoo Peewee A2-T2 3 4 L 1 1
11/18/13 Vancouver Peewee A1-T2 2 4 L 1 1
11/20/13 North Shore Winter Club Peewee A2-T2 3 3 T 1 2
11/25/13 Abbotsford Peewee A2-T2 3 1 W 1 3
11/27/13 Port Moody Peewee A1-T2 1 7 L 1 1
12 19 1 3 1 5 8
Peewee A4
GF GA W L T Spt Pts
11/12/13 North Shore Winter Club Peewee A4-T4 0 9 L 0 0
11/17/13 South Delta Peewee A3-T3 2 6 L 0 0
11/19/13 Ridge Meadows Peewee A4-T4 3 7 L 1 1
11/22/13 Seafair Peewee A4-T4 0 6 L 0 0
11/26/13 Langley Peewee A5-T4 1 5 L 0 0
6 33 0 5 1 1 1