Coquitlam Bantam A1 Chiefs Channel Reggie Dunlop

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Nov. 14/12 – During their 2004 Stanley Cup run, the Calgary Flames started a tradition of awarding an ugly green hard hat to the team’s hardest working player. The hat was a prized badge of accomplishment, sought after by NHL allstars and fourth line checkers alike. Several other teams have followed this model, awarding some kind of token prize to be worn around the dressing room as proof of a player’s commendable efforts.

The Coquitlam Chiefs Bantam A1 have taken the idea of offering their player of the game a ridiculous prize to a whole new level. Channeling the 1970’s based fashion styles of Reggie Dunlop, the fictional player-coach dfrom the movie Slapshot, the Chiefs hardest working player earns the right to don a full length leather coat with furry collar.

The Chiefs seem to be getting their share of workmanlike efforts as a result. They won or tied all but two of their eight placement round games and seemed poised to compete for a title in the PCAHA Bantam Tier 1 league.

From the team’s Twitter account (@CoqbantamAAA):

Thomas Semple
Caleb Fantillo
Logan Bromhead
Sho Takai
Paul Newman as Reggie Dunlop in Slapshot (Universal Pictures, 1977)