E15 may not be dead at NSWC

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NSWC hockey director Jeff Oldenborger isn’t ready to throw in the towel, after the Canadian Sports School Hockey League rejected the club’s bid to join the league with a new Elite 15 program last week.

The league has left the door open for the North Shore based hockey power to reapply to join the league next year, while running a team as an independent program this coming season, and Oldenborger wants to explore that option.

This was exactly the process for the Victoria based Pacific Sea Devils, who were rejected last year, ran an independent program, then reapplied and were accepted this year.

Oldeborger has sent an invite out to interested parties – not just NSWC members – to attend a meeting 6:30 pm, Tuesday, May 20 at the North Shore Winter Club.

There still could be quite a bit of interest in a forming a quality independent program as a Vancouver Thunderbird catchment area group earlier generated a lot of interest in forming a similar group on the West Side, but couldn’t get Vancouver T-Bird association approval in time to mount a formal bid.

Olderborger can be contacted at [email protected]