Kelowna Kings Surrounded by the Right Influences

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February 2, 2013 – The number of days on the calendar marked with an upcoming Kelowna Kings game are becoming fewer and fewer as February rolls in. With the season wrapping up, the Atom Development club’s manager, Shannon Weststrate, wrote to BC Hockey Hub in the hopes of putting the spotlight on those helped make the season possible.

“A great big thank you goes out to our dedicated coaches, Byron Dafoe [yes, the former NHL goaltender – emphasis by BC Hockey Hub] , Jim Hammett, Hank van de Leest, Jeff Finley [yes, the 15 year NHL vet Jeff Finley], and Blaine Weststrate, for without people like you, minor hockey will cease to exist,” said Weststrate. “Because of you, our young hockey players are learning the proper skills and sportsmanlike behaviour they need to make it to the next level.”

She also acknowledged other people close to team.  “To all the parents and grandparents behind the scenes, like so many others, we all have prior commitments, yet our Kelowna King parents have stood up and volunteered countless hours, in so many areas, to make this team what it is,” said Weststrate. “It has been an absolute pleasure to manage such a great group of people ~ parents and children.”

Parents, coaches and managers: do you have a team that the BC hockey community should know about? Send us an email at [email protected]

Kelowna Kings Atom Development: 4-Carson Cecconi, 5-Thomas Crozier, 6-Aidan van Vliet-Brown, 7-Matteus Reis, 8-Noelle Mason, 9-Cameron Hicklin, 10-Chase Dafoe, 11-Jack Finley, 12-Aiden Robson, 13-Adriana van de Leest, 14-Thys Weststrate, 15-Landon Hammett, 16-Dexx Belanger, 17-Kolby Cyra, 19-Kaden Zarowny, 30-Connor Martin, 33-Ashton Nadon

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