More BWC Coaches Announced

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August 1, 2013


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BWC has announced more coaching staff and divisional managers for the 2013-2014 season.


A few spots are still to be announced. Confirmed so far are:


Hockey 2 – Brad Reynolds, Head Coach

Hockey 3 – TBA

Hockey 4 – Stefano Ruscitti, C1; Johnny Mahovlich, C2; TBA C3


Atom, Divisional Manager – Chris Lang

Atom A1: Randy Downes, Head Coach; John MacDonald, Assistant Coach

Atom A2: Paul Pipke, Head Coach; Johnny Mahovlich, Assistant Coach

Atom A3: Kyle Rademaker, Head Coach; Mark Rademaker, Assistant Coach

Atom A4: Glenn Jeffrey, Head Coach

Atom A5: Neal Reynolds, Head Coach; Don MacMillan, Assistant Coach


Peewee, Divisional Manager – Don McCarthy

Peewee A1: Brad Reynolds, Head Coach; Ryan Bremner, Assistant Coach

Peewee A2: Bill Hunt, Head Coach; David Boyce, Assistant Coach

Peewee A3: David Boyce, Head Coach; Bill Hunt Assistant Coach

Peewee A4: Kim Sinclair, Head Coach; Bryan Sinclair, Assistant Coach


Bantam, Divisional Manager – TBA

Bantam A1: John Batchelor, Head Coach; Chris Thompson, Assistant Coach

Bantam A2: Kevin Batchelor, Head Coach; Kyle Williams and Stephen Bruchet, Assistant Coaches

Bantam A3: Michael Scarborough, Head Coach


Midget, Divisional Manager – Glenn Jeffrey

Midget A1: Dough Harding, Head Coach