New BCH Risk Management Bulletin – 2 Deep Always

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November 25, 2013


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TO: BC Hockey Membership


FROM: John Gillen
Safety & Risk Management – Chair

COPY: Anne Deitch
Safety & Risk Management – Branch Coordinator

SUBJECT: Two Deep Method

Throughout the hockey season appropriate player supervision should be a priority for all minor hockey associations (MHAs) and BC Hockey member teams. As such, BC Hockey endorses the use of the “Two Deep Method” of supervision that is mentioned throughout Hockey Canada HCSP material and Hockey Canada coaching materials. This list describes the “Two Deep Method”. It is recommended that these guidelines are followed by all MHAs.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Dressing Room
    Players should be supervised at all times. A lone personnel member should never be in the dressing room with players at any time, and especially when they are showering or changing: two (2) adults should be present together; which is called the “Two Deep Method” of supervision. Please refer to the BC Hockey Co-ed Dressing Room Policy.
  • Injury Treatment
    The safety person should avoid treating injuries out of sight of others. Use the “Two Deep Method” (two adults) supervision system.
  • Female Teams
    Recommend that when using the “Two-Deep Method” with female hockey teams, there shall be 2 female supervisors with the players where possible. If not possible there may be one (1) male and one (1) female supervisor. Please refer to the BC Hockey Co-ed Dressing Room Policy for dressing room dress codes on Co-ed teams.
  • Road Trips
    Ideally, personnel and players should not share accommodations, regardless of the potential cost savings or other benefits. If sharing a room is unavoidable, be sure that the “Two Deep Method” rule is observed at all times. If only one player and one personnel are alone in the room for a brief period of time, the outer door must be left open.
  • Physical Contact
    Team personnel should avoid touching a player out of sight of others. Use the “Two Deep Method” (two personnel, or two players) supervision system
  • Isolated Spaces
    Parents/guardians should never leave their child unsupervised in a facility, nor should they leave their child alone with a single personnel member (use the Two Deep Method supervision system).
  • Sport and Training Facilities
    Participants who are minors should never be left waiting in a facility without the supervision of their parent/guardian or personnel member (use the Two Deep Method).Should you have any questions about the “Two Deep Method” please contact your District or Divisional Director.