NHL Rookie Camp Lists – Eastern Conference, Pens, NYR and TB lead BC player total

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September 11, 2018

Here’s an overview this year’s Eastern Conference NHL Rookie Camp Rosters, with a special emphasis on Camp Invites currently playing in Western Canada.

For most teams, the Invites include primarily promising undrafted 2000, 1999, and 1998 birth years playing in the CHL, along with some late bloomers, and players now playing in the AHL or ECHL.

The most interesting Eastern Conference team from a Western point of view is probably the Pittsburg Penguins with two 2000 defencemen, Wyatt McLeod and Jacob Herauf, joining two 1999 ex-North Shore Winter Club line mates, Jordy Bellerive, signed last fall, and Justin Alemeida, drafted this spring.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are also interesting, as fully half of their camp are invites – 12 of 24 – and none are from Western Canada.

The New York Rangers have three westerners in their group, including Jakob Stukel of Surrey, Reese Johnson of Saskatoon and Tyson Helgeson of Fairview.

Finally the Tampa Bay Lightning are also notable with three WHL 2000s in their camp, Jackson Leppard, Chase Wouters and Montana Onyebuchi.

Teams are listed in alphabetical order.



The Boston Bruins have just four invites at this year’s rookie camp, but three of them are WHL players from Western Canada. The fourth is a d-man from Quebec playing in the Q.




Two are 2000-born players. Carson Focht a forward, is from Regina, now playing for the Calgary Hitmen, and John Ludvig, a defenseman, is from Kamloops, playing in Portland.



Dawson Weatherhill is a 1999 goalie from Red Deer, now playing in Spokane.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
10 Anders Bjork LW Drafted 5th Rd (146) ’14
17 Ryan Donato C Drafted 2nd Rd (56) ’14
19 Zachary Senyshyn RW Drafted 1st Rd (15) ’15
23 Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson C Drafted 2nd Rd (45) ’15
38 Ryan Fitzgerald C Drafted 4th Rd (120) ’13
45 Joona Koppanen LW Drafted 5th Rd (135) ’16
Trent Frederic C Drafted 1st Rd (29) ’16
Cameron Hughes C Drafted 6th Rd (165) ’15
Karson Kuhlman RW Signed (NCAA) Apr ’18
Jakub Lauko C Drafted 3rd Rd (77) ’18
Cedric Pare C Drafted 6th Rd (173) ’17
Oskar Steen C Drafted 6th Rd (165) ’16
Jack Studnicka C Drafted 2nd Rd (53) ’17
Carson Focht F Camp Invite 2.4.00 WHL Regina, SK
John Ludvig F Camp Invite 8.2.00 WHL Kamloops, BC
36 Emil Johansson D Drafted 7th Rd (206) ’14
74 Connor Clifton D Signed (AHL) May ’18
79 Jeremy Lauzon D Drafted 2nd Rd (52) ’15
Axel Andersson D Drafted 2nd Rd (57) ’18
Daniel Bukac D Drafted 7th Rd (204) ’17
Olivier Galipeau D AHL Signing (Jrs) Jun ’18
Wiley Sherman D Drafted 5th Rd (150) ’13
Justin Bergeron D Camp Invite 9.14.00 QMJHL QC, CAN
80 Daniel Vladar G Drafted 3rd Rd (75) ’15
Kyle Keyser G Signed (Jrs) Oct ’17
Dawson Weatherill G Camp Invite 6.3.99 WHL Red Deer, AB




The Buffalo Sabres have only three invites at their rookie camp, two American players, plus one from Ontario.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
37 Casey Mittelstadt C Drafted 1st Rd (8) ’17
41 Victor Olofsson RW Drafted 7th Rd (181) ’14
46 Eric Cornel C Drafted 2nd Rd (44) ’14
52 Andrew Oglevie C Signed (NCAA) Apr ’18
72 Tage Thompson C Trade (STL) Jul ’18
73 Matej Pekar C Drafted 4th Rd (94) ’18
74 Rasmus Asplund C Drafted 2nd Rd (33) ’16
75 Judd Peterson C Drafted 7th Rd (204) ’12
76 Pascal Aquin LW AHL Signing (Jrs) May ’18
77 Vasily Glotov C Drafted 7th Rd (190) ’16
78 Myles Powell RW AHL Signing (NCAA) Aug ’18
79 Cole Coskey RW Camp Invite 6.1.99 OHL IL, USA
83 Shane Eiserman C Camp Invite 10.10.95 NCAA MA, USA
86 Kevin Hancock LW Camp Invite 3.2.98 OHL ON, CAN
92 Alexander Nylander RW Drafted 1st Rd (8) ’16
24 Lawrence Pilut D Signed (SHL) May ’18
26 Rasmus Dahlin D Drafted 1st Rd (1) ’18
44 Brandon Hickey D Trade (ARZ) Jun ’18
45 Brendan Guhle D Drafted 2nd Rd (51) ’15
53 Will Borgen D Drafted 4th Rd (92) ’15
58 Oskari Laaksonen D Drafted 3rd Rd (89) ’17
61 Devante Stephens D Drafted 5th Rd (122) ’15
67 Arvin Atwal D AHL Signing (ECHL) Nov ’17
70 Tobie Bisson D AHL Signing (Jrs) May ’18
84 Nicholas Welsh D Camp Invite
1 Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen G Drafted 2nd Rd (54) ’17
34 Jonas Johansson G Drafted 3rd Rd (61) ’14




The Canes have invited seven undrafted players to their rookie camp, all of them from the OHL. Five are Canadian, two are American born.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
15 Aleksi Saarela C Trade (NYR) Feb ’16
21 Julien Gauthier RW Drafted 1st Rd (21) ’16
37 Andrei Svechnikov RW Drafted 1st Rd (2) ’18
45 Morgan Geekie C Drafted 3rd Rd (67) ’17
51 Stelio Mattheos C Drafted 3rd Rd (73) ’17
52 Luke Henman C Drafted 4th Rd (96) ’18
58 Nicolas Roy C Drafted 4th Rd (96) ’15
59 Janne Kuokkanen LW Drafted 2nd Rd (43) ’16
61 Cliff Pu RW Trade (BUF) Aug ’18
81 David Levin C Camp Invite 9.16.99 OHL Tel Aviv/CAN
84 Max Grondin C Camp Invite 7.4.00 OHL ON, CAN
87 Matthew Struthers C Camp Invite 12.26.99 OHL ON, CAN
88 Martin Necas C Drafted 1st Rd (12) ’17
89 Cedric Ralph C Camp Invite 1.29.99 OHL ON, CAN
24 Jake Bean D Drafted 1st Rd (13) ’16
26 Michael Fora D Signed (NLA) Jun ’18
62 Brendan De Jong D Drafted 6th Rd (166) ’17
68 Riley Bruce D Drafted 7th Rd (196) ’15
78 Theo Calvas D Camp Invite 8.6.98 OHL MI, USA
82 Mitch Eliot D Camp Invite 2.6.98 OHL CA, USA
85 Connor Schlichting D Camp Invite 5.17.97 OHL ON, CAN
50 Jeremy Helvig G Drafted 5th Rd (134) ’16
90 Mario Culina G Camp Invite




The Columbus Blue Jackets rookie camp roster of 24 includes a whopping 12 invited players, but none are from Western Canada.

Nine are eastern Canadian, two are Russian, and one is from California.

No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
19 Liam Foudy C Drafted 1st Rd (18) ’18
32 Jonathan Davidsson RW Drafted 6th Rd (170) ’17
36 Maxime Fortier RW Signed (Jrs) Nov ’17
50 Eric Robinson LW Signed (NCAA) Mar ’18
64 Trey Fix-Wolansky RW Drafted 7th Rd (204) ’18
66 Billy Moskal F Camp Invite 3.22.00 OHL ON, CAN
69 Kevin Stenlund C Drafted 2nd Rd (58) ’15
73 Samuel Asselin F Camp Invite 07.01.97 QMJHL QC, CAN
74 Sam Vigneault C Signed (NCAA) Mar ’17
82 Lucas Chiodo F Camp Invite 10.31.98 OHL ON, CAN
83 Yegor Sokolov F Camp Invite 6.7.00 QMJHL RUSSIA
88 Kole Sherwood RW Signed (USHL) Jul ’15
89 Samuel Dove-McFalls LW Camp Invite 4.10.97 Usports QC, CAN
Nikita Korostelev RW Camp Invite 2.8.97 KHL RUSSIA
5 Justin Wade D Camp Invite
40 Garret Cockerill D AHL Signing (ECHL) Jul ’18
59 Ryan Collins D Drafted 2nd Rd (47) ’14
84 William Lochead D Camp Invite 3.3.98 Usports ON, CAN
85 Michael Prapavessis D Camp Invite 1.7.96 ECHL ON, CAN
93 Keoni Texeira D Camp Invite 3.24.97 ECHL CA, USA
94 Sam Dunn D Camp Invite 3.11.98 QMJHL ON, CAN
Jordan Sambrook D Camp Invite 4.11.98 OHL ON, CAN
80 Matiss Kivlenieks G Signed (USHL) May ’17
95 Joseph Raaymakers G Camp Invite 3.17.98 ECHL ON, CAN




The Red Wings have just four invites in camp, none from Western Canada. Three are young forwards, plus a 1997 goalie from the Canadian University Sport League.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
11 Filip Zadina LW Drafted 1st Rd (6) ’18
27 Michael Rasmussen C Drafted 1st Rd (9) ’17
46 Lane Zablocki C Drafted 3rd Rd (79) ’17
48 Givani Smith RW Drafted 2nd Rd (46) ’16
49 Axel Holmstrom C Drafted 7th Rd (196) ’14
53 Jordan Topping LW AHL Signing (Jrs) Jul ’18
58 David Pope LW Drafted 4th Rd (109) ’13
64 Zachary Gallant C Drafted 3rd Rd (83) ’17
67 Brady Gilmour C Drafted 7th Rd (193) ’17
70 Christoffer Ehn C Drafted 4th Rd (106) ’14
76 Nicolas Guay RW Camp Invite 6.18.99 QMJHL QC, CAN
81 Trevor Yates LW AHL Signing (NCAA) Mar ’18
89 Pavel Gogolev RW Camp Invite 02.19.00 OHL RUSSIA
90 Joe Veleno C Drafted 1st Rd (30) ’18
92 Maxim Golod LW Camp Invite 8.18.00 OHL ON, CAN
21 Dennis Cholowski D Drafted 1st Rd (20) ’16
29 Vili Saarijarvi D Drafted 3rd Rd (73) ’15
50 Reilly Webb D Drafted 6th Rd (164) ’17
62 Trevor Hamilton D AHL Signing (NCAA) Mar ’18
63 Jared McIsaac D Drafted 2nd Rd (36) ’18
73 Marcus Crawford D AHL Signing (Jrs) Apr ’18
74 Cole Fraser D Drafted 5th Rd (131) ’17
94 Alec Regula D Drafted 3rd Rd (67) ’18
34 Patrik Rybar G Signed (Czech) May ’18
36 Kaden Fulcher G Signed (Jrs) Oct ’17
68 Justin Fazio G Camp Invite 5.3.97 Usports ON, CAN



The Florida Panthers rookie camp roster was not available at press time.



The Habs rookie camp lineup includes six invites.

Adam Plant from Penticton, a 23 year old d-man playing in the AHL in Laval, is one of two Western Canadians in the group. Plant played two seasons in the BCHL for the West Kelowna Warriors, then completed four years at U Denver, before signing with the Laval Rocket this spring.


The other Westerner is Morinville, Alberta’s Brandon Hagel, a 1998 born forward playing for the Red Deer Rebels.




No. Player Pos How Acquired  DoB  League  Born
15 Jesperi Kotkaniemi C Drafted 1st Rd (3) ’18
22 Lukas Vejdemo C Drafted 3rd Rd (87) ’15
55 Michael Pezzetta C Drafted 6th Rd (160) ’16
64 Jeremiah Addison LW Drafted 7th Rd (207) ’15
68 Alexandre Alain C Signed (Jrs) Apr ’18
71 Jake Evans C Drafted 7th Rd (207) ’14
72 Samuel Houde C Drafted 5th Rd (133) ’18
77 William Bitten C Drafted 3rd Rd (70) ’16
81 Brandon Hagel LW Camp Invite 8.27.98 WHL Morinville, AB
82 Alexander Katerinakis RW Camp Invite 4.25.98 QMJHL QC, CAN
84 Cole Fonstad C Drafted 5th Rd (128) ’18
86 Joel Teasdale LW Camp Invite
88 Cameron Hillis C Drafted 3rd Rd (66) ’18
89 Morgan Adams-Moisan RW AHL Signing (Jrs) Apr ’18
90 Phelix Martineau RW AHL Signing (Jrs) May ’18
91 Aleksi Anttalainen C Camp Invite 3.28.99 QMJHL FINLAND
94 Allan McShane C Drafted 4th Rd (97) ’18
96 Hayden Verbeek C Signed (Jrs) Mar ’18
97 Antoine Waked RW Signed (Jrs) May ’17
56 Scott Walford D Drafted 3rd Rd (68) ’17
57 David Sklenicka D Signed (Czech) May ’18
73 Michal Moravcik D Signed (Czech) May ’18
74 Jarret Tyszka D Drafted 5th Rd (149) ’17
75 Adam Plant D Camp Invite 5.9.95 AHL Penticton, BC
76 Josh Brook D Drafted 2nd Rd (56) ’17
79 T.J. Melancon D AHL Signing (ECHL) Apr ’18
83 Cale Fleury D Drafted 3rd Rd (87) ’17
30 Stephen Dhillon G Camp Invite 9.14.98 OHL MS, USA
95 Samuel Harvey G Camp Invite 2.4.98 QMJHL QC, CAN
70 Michael McNiven G Signed (Jrs) Sep ’15



The Devils have just two invites in camp – both 1999 born QMJHL players, a Quebecer and a New Yorker.

However, the Devils do have a few Western Canadian draft picks in camp, including first rounders Ty Smith (above) and John Quenneville.

Colby Sissons, a 1998 d-man from Edmonton and former Swift Current Bronco is another Westerner in the camp.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
41 Michael McLeod C Drafted 1st Rd (12) ’16
42 Nathan Bastian RW Drafted 2nd Rd (41) ’16
43 Brett Seney LW Drafted 6th Rd (157) ’15
46 Blake Speers C Drafted 3rd Rd (67) ’15
47 John Quenneville C Drafted 1st Rd (30) ’14
49 Joseph Anderson RW Drafted 3rd Rd (73) ’16
51 Brandon Gignac C Drafted 3rd Rd (80) ’16
52 Brandon Baddock LW Drafted 6th Rd (161) ’14
54 Yegor Sharangovich C Drafted 5th Rd (141) ’18
56 Mitchell Hoelscher C Drafted 6th Rd (172) ’18
59 Fabian Zetterlund C Drafted 3rd Rd (63) ’17
67 Marian Studenic RW Drafted 5th Rd (143) ’17
75 John Edwardh RW AHL Signing (NCAA) May ’18
79 Ryan Schmelzer C AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’18
81 Dylan Seitz F Camp Invite 1.15.99 QMJHL NY, USA
40 Joshua Jacobs D Drafted 2nd Rd (41) ’14
48 Ty Smith D Drafted 1st Rd (17) ’18
62 Xavier Bernard D Drafted 4th Rd (110) ’18
64 Tariq Hammond D AHL Signing (NCAA) May ’18
68 Colton White D Drafted 4th Rd (97) ’15
70 Jeremy Gorleau D Camp Invite 10.25.99 QMJHL QC, CAN
71 Colby Sissons D Signed (Jrs) Oct ’16
73 Jocktan Chainey D Drafted 7th Rd (191) ’17
29 MacKenzie Blackwood G Drafted 2nd Rd (42) ’15
33 Cam Johnson G Signed (NCAA) Mar ’18
60 Akira Schmid G Drafted 5th Rd (136) ’18



The New York Islanders have five invites in camp. Just two are Canadians, both goalies, from Ontario.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
20 Kieffer Bellows LW Drafted 1st Rd (19) ’16
21 Michael Dal Colle LW Drafted 1st Rd (5) ’14
26 Joshua Ho-Sang RW Drafted 1st Rd (28) ’14
48 Otto Koivula LW Drafted 4th Rd (120) ’16
49 Arnaud Durandeau LW Drafted 6th Rd (165) ’17
52 Blade Jenkins C Drafted 5th Rd (134) ’18
57 Scott Eansor C Signed (AHL) Mar ’18
58 John Stevens C Signed (NCAA) Mar ’17
59 Yanick Turcotte F AHL SIgning (Jrs) Oct ’17
63 Pius Suter C Camp Invite 5.24.96 NLA SWISS
64 Ivan Kosorenkov RW Camp Invite 1.22.98 QMJHL RUSSIA
67 Jeff Kubiak C AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’17
68 Matt Gaudreau LW AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’17
70 Ryan Hitchcock C AHL Signing (NCAA) May ’18
71 Kyle MacLean F Camp Invite 4.29.99 OHL NJ, USA
28 Sebastian Aho (D) D Drafted 5th Rd (139) ’17
39 Mitchell Vande Sompel D Drafted 3rd Rd (82) ’15
41 Parker Wotherspoon D Drafted 4th Rd (112) ’15
42 David Quenneville D Drafted 7th Rd (200) ’16
43 Yannick Rathgeb D Signed (NLA) Apr ’18
45 Noah Dobson D Drafted 1st Rd (12) ’18
46 Bode Wilde D Drafted 2nd Rd (41) ’18
65 Ryan MacKinnon D AHL Signing (ECHL) Mar ’18
66 Tyler Mueller D AHL Signing (NCAA) Jul ’18
50 Mitch Gillam G AHL SIgning (ECHL) Jul ’18
60 Emanuel Vella G Camp Invite 8.8.98 OHL ON, CAN
73 Evan Buitenhuis G Camp Invite 7.1.93 AHL ON, CAN



The New York Rangers have six invites at camp, including three Western Canadians. Two are forwards, Jakob Stukel a 1997 from Surrey, now playing for the Calgary Hitmen, and Reese Johnson, a 1998 from Saskatoon, playing for the Red Deer Rebels.



Tyson Helgesen, a 1997 d-man from Fairview, Alberta rounds out the Western contingent.

Helgeson played four years in the WHL at Spokane, and is now at Mount Royal University in Calgary playing in the USports league.



No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
34 Michael Lindqvist RW Signed (SHL) May ’18
37 Gabriel Fontaine C Drafted 6th Rd (171) ’16
48 Brett Howden C Trade (TB) Feb ’18
50 Lias Andersson C Drafted 1st Rd (7) ’17
59 Ty Ronning RW Drafted 7th Rd (201) ’16
72 Filip Chytil LW Drafted 1st Rd (21) ’17
81 Ville Meskanen RW Signed (Liiga) May ’18
92 Dawson Leedahl LW Signed (Jrs) May ’17
97 Tim Gettinger LW Drafted 5th Rd (141) ’16
Reese Johnson RW Camp Invite 7.10.98 WHL Saskatoon, SK
Drew Melanson LW AHL Signing (NCAA) Jul ’18
Kyle Potts C Camp Invite 5.26.98 OHL ON, CAN
Jason Salvaggio LW AHL Signing (NCAA) Jul ’18
Jakob Stukel LW Camp Invite 3.6.97 WHL Surrey, BC
43 Libor Hajek D Trade (TB) Feb ’18
55 Ryan Lindgren D Trade (BOS) Feb ’18
73 Brandon Crawley D Drafted 4th Rd (123) ’17
78 Nico Gross D Drafted 4th Rd (101) ’18
82 Joey Keane D Drafted 3rd Rd (88) ’18
85 Sean Day D Drafted 3rd Rd (81) ’16
Tyson Helgesen D Camp Invite 6.10.97 Usports Fairview, AB
Derek Pratt D Camp Invite 3.14.94 ECHL MA, USA
80 Chris Nell G Signed (NCAA) Mar ’17
Jeremy Brodeur G Camp Invite 10.29.96 ECHL CAN/USA




The Senators have seven invites in camp, but only one is from the West. Surrey’s Luka Burzan, a 2000 born forward, currently playing for the Brandon Wheat Kings. Burzan started with the Moose Jaw Warriors and was traded to the Wheat Kings mid-way through his second season. Burzan this season will be looking to recoup the magic he displayed as a second year bantam at the North Shore Winter Club, where he was 80G-51A.


Langley’s Jordan Hollett, an unsigned 1999 born sixth round pick in the 2017 draft is also in camp.

Hollett is playing in his second year with the Medicine Hat Tigers this coming season, after two seasons in the league with the Regina Pats. Hollett played Bantam Prep and a year of Midget with the Okanagan Hockey Academy before moving to the WHL.





No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
21 Logan Brown C Drafted 1st Rd (11) ’16
27 Brady Tkachuk C Drafted 1st Rd (4) ’18
36 Colin White C Drafted 1st Rd (21) ’15
45 Parker Kelly C Signed (Jrs) Sep ’17
54 Ryan Scarfo C AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’18
57 Boston Leier LW AHL Signing (USports) Apr ’18
59 Alex Formenton LW Drafted 2nd Rd (47) ’17
67 Jordy Stallard C Drafted 5th Rd (127) ’16
75 Andrew Sturtz RW Signed (NCAA) Mar ’18
78 Filip Chlapik C Drafted 2nd Rd (48) ’15
79 Drake Batherson C Drafted 4th Rd (121) ’17
84 Aaron Luchuk C Signed (Jrs) Dec ’17
Luka Burzan C Camp Invite 1.7.2000 WHL Surrey, BC
Robert Lynch RW Camp Invite 6.16.98 USHL MI, USA
Gregor MacLeod C Camp Invite 6.7.98 QMJHL Dartmouth, NS
58 Max Lajoie D Drafted 5th Rd (133) ’16
80 Macoy Erkamps D Signed (Jrs) Mar ’16
83 Christian Jaros D Drafted 5th Rd (139) ’15
86 Christian Wolanin D Drafted 4th Rd (107) ’15
Jonathan Aspirot D Camp Invite 5.6.99 QMJHL Mascouche, QC
Charles-Edouard D’Astous D Camp Invite 4.21.98 QMJHL Rimouski, QC
Brady Lyle D Camp Invite 6.6.99 OHL North Bay, ON
Nicolas Mattinen D Drafted 6th Rd (179) ’16
Chase Stewart D Camp Invite 4.19.97 Usports Marathon, ON
30 Filip Gustavsson G Trade (PIT) Feb ’18
31 Jordan Hollett G Drafted 6th Rd (183) ’17
70 Kevin Mandolese G Drafted 6th Rd (157) ’18




The Philadelphia Flyers have five invites at their rookie camp, including two WHL players. Only one however is Canadian. Liam Hughes is a 1999-born goaltender from Kelowna, currently playing for the Seattle Thunderbirds.  The other WHL invite is Yegor Zamula, a 2000 born Russian.



Hughes joins Carter Hart, a second round pick in the 2016 draft between the pipes at the camp. Hart is a 1998 from Sherwood Park who has just graduated from the Everett Silvertips, and is playing this year for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms in the AHL.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
46 Mikhail Vorobyev C Drafted 4th Rd (104) ’15
54 Oskar Lindblom LW Drafted 5th Rd (138) ’14
57 David Kase RW Drafted 5th Rd (128) ’15
63 German Rubtsov C Drafted 1st Rd (22) ’16
64 Maxim Sushko RW Drafted 4th Rd (107) ’17
68 Morgan Frost C Drafted 1st Rd (27) ’17
75 Pascal Laberge C Drafted 2nd Rd (36) ’16
76 Isaac Ratcliffe LW Drafted 2nd Rd (35) ’17
78 Matthew Strome LW Drafted 4th Rd (106) ’17
81 Carsen Twarynski LW Drafted 3rd Rd (82) ’16
82 Connor Bunnaman C Drafted 4th Rd (109) ’16
84 Mitchell Balmas C Camp Invite 3.19.98 QMJHL Sydney, NS
85 Hunter Holmes C Camp Invite 1.25.00 OHL Niagara, ON
72 David Drake D Drafted 7th Rd (192) ’13
59 Mark Friedman D Drafted 3rd Rd (86) ’14
61 Philippe Myers D Signed (Jrs) Sep ’15
70 Yegor Zamula D Camp Invite 3.30.00 WHL RUSSIA
77 James de Haas D AHL Signing (NCAA) Aug ’17
83 Bradley Lalonde D Camp Invite 8.1.97 Usports Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC
86 Wyatte Wylie D Drafted 5th Rd (127) ’18
67 Liam Hughes G Camp Invite 7.22.99 WHL Kelowna, BC
79 Carter Hart G Drafted 2nd Rd (48) ’16






The Pittsburgh Penguins have one of the most interesting rookie camps from Western point of view this year.

In addition to two 2000 Western born prospects now playing in the WHL, the camp also showcases two ex-NSWC 1999 born bantam teammates.

North Vancouver’s Jordy Bellerive of the Lethbridge Hurricanes, signed a three year deal with the Pens last fall as an undrafted free agent, while ex-teammate Justin Almeida was drafted this year out of the Moose Jaw Warriors.

The 2000s are Wyatt McLeod, a d-man hailing from Dawson Creek and Jacob Herauf another d-man, from Sherwood Park.


McLeod will be playing in his third year with the Edmonton Oil Kings, after two years at Pursuit of Excellence in Kelowna.

Herauf came out of the Sherwood Park Flyers Midget AAA program, and will be in his third season with the Red Deer Rebels this year.





Almeida, originally from Kitmat, moved to the Lower Mainland for peewee hockey and was a linemate of Bellerive’s at the North Shore Winter Club, where they won the Bantam A1 provincial banner in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 (80G-67A). After a slow start with the Prince George Cougars, Almeida was traded to the Moose Jaw Warriors, where he finished last year with 43G-55A.

Almedia will be returning to the Warriors this fall for his fourth year in the league.



No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
36 Linus Olund C Drafted 5th Rd (155) ’17
37 Sam Lafferty C Drafted 4th Rd (113) ’14
44 Troy Josephs C Drafted 7th Rd (209) ’13
45 Connor Roberts RW Camp Invite 2.22.00 OHL Owen Sound, ON
47 Adam Johnson C Signed (NCAA) Jul ’17
49 Cedric Lacroix C Camp Invite
57 Anthony Angello C Drafted 5th Rd (145) ’14
61 Justin Almeida C Drafted 5th Rd (129) ’18
64 Jordan Bellerive C Signed (Jrs) Sep ’17
78 Renars Krastenbergs LW Camp Invite 12.16.98 OHL LATVIA
79 Frederik Tiffels LW Drafted 6th Rd (167) ’15
80 Sam Miletic C Signed (Jrs) Sep ’17
82 Jan Drozg RW Drafted 5th Rd (152) ’17
32 Wyatt McLeod D Camp Invite 1.27.00 WHL Dawson Creek, BC
34 Jacob Herauf D Camp Invite 5.6.00 WHL Sherwood Park, AB
48 Carter Robertson D Camp Invite 1.15.00 OHL Holland Landing, ON
52 Jeff Taylor D Drafted 7th Rd (203) ’14
67 Dane Birks D Drafted 6th Rd (164) ’13
70 Joseph Masonius D Drafted 6th Rd (181) ’16
76 Calen Addison D Drafted 2nd Rd (53) ’18
83 Antti Palojarvi D Drafted 6th Rd (186) ’17
33 Alex D’Orio G Signed (Jrs) Sep ’17
60 Tristan Cote-Cazenave G Camp Invite 10.12.99 QMJHL St-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC
65 Christian Propp G Camp Invite 3.27.99 OHL Milton, ON




The Tampa Bay Lighting have six invites in camp, including three current WHL players, plus another Westerner playing in the ECHL.

Leading the youth brigade are three 2000 born players, Jackson Leppard from North Vancouver,
Chase Wouters from North Battleford, and Montana Onyebuchi from Dugald, Manitoba.

Another 2000, Mathew MacDougall of New Market and the Windsor Spitfires completes the Tampa Bay youth movement.



Leppard is also an ex-NSWC bantam alum, who played with Pens Prospects Bellerive and Almeida in his first year. After a year with the Major Midget NW Giants, Leppard joined the Prince George Cougars in 2015-2016. Last year he was 15G-21A in 68 games, in his second year in the league.



Chase Wouters played against Leppard in bantam tournaments as a member of the Lloydminster Heat. After two years of midget in Lloydminister, Wouters joined the Saskatoon Blades two seasons ago. Last year he was 18G-33A.


Montana Onyebuchi was born in Dugald, Manitoba and played Bantam and Midget hockey with the Eastman Selects before joining the Everett Silvertips in 2016-2017. He was traded to the Kamloops Blazers midway through last season.

The three western 2000s will join ex Kelowna Rocket, Cal Foote, at the camp. Foote was drafted 14th overall in the 2017 draft. Foote finished the season with the Syracuse Crunch this year, after the Rockets were eliminated from the playoffs.



Winnipeg born Corbin Boes, a 25 year old goalie who will playing in the ECHL this year, completes the western contingent.

Boes played four years in the Western League and then four with Dalhousie University, finishing up there this spring.



No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
7 Mathieu Joseph RW Drafted 4th Rd (120) ’15
50 Alexei Lipanov C Drafted 3rd Rd (76) ’17
38 Dennis Yan LW Drafted 3rd Rd (64) ’15
41 Boris Katchouk LW Drafted 2nd Rd (44) ’16
42 Otto Somppi C Drafted 7th Rd (206) ’16
46 Taylor Raddysh RW Drafted 2nd Rd (58) ’16
47 Jonne Tammela RW Drafted 4th Rd (118) ’15
50 Jackson Leppard F Camp Invite 1.18.00 WHL North Vancouver PG
51 Chase Wouters F Camp Invite 2.8.00 WHL North Battleford Saskatoon
60 Alex Barre-Boulet C Signed (Jrs) Mar ’18
67 Mitchell Stephens RW Drafted 2nd Rd (33) ’15
79 Alexander Volkov C Drafted 2nd Rd (48) ’17
82 Gabriel Fortier LW Drafted 2nd Rd (59) ’18
90 Mathew MacDougall F Camp Invite 1.23.00 OHL New Market, ON Windsor
92 Ross Colton C Drafted 4th Rd (118) ’16
44 Montana Onyebuchi D Camp Invite 3.8.00 WHL Dugald, MB Kamloops
52 Cal Foote D Drafted 1st Rd (14) ’17
64 Matthew Spencer D Drafted 2nd Rd (44) ’15
68 Radim Salda D Drafted 7th Rd (206) ’18
76 Oleg Sosunov D Drafted 6th Rd (178) ’16
81 Erik Cernak D Trade (LAK) Feb ’17
83 Walter Flower D Camp Invite 5.7.99 QMJHL Yarmouth, NS Halifax
1 Connor Ingram G Drafted 3rd Rd (88) ’16
30 Corbin Boes G Camp Invite 7.18.93 ECHL Winnipeg, MB Orlando




The Maple Leafs have just four invites in their rookie camp this year, including three 2000 birth years.

Only one of the invites is from the West, Kelowna’s Eli Zummack.


Zummack played first year bantam for the Kelowna Jr. Rockets before moving to Pursuit of Excellence for second year bantam and first year midget.

He then played a year and a bit of midget for the Okanagan Rockets in the BCMML before moving up to the Spokane Chiefs in the WHL, early in the 2016-2017 season. Last year, he put up 15G-26A in 58 games.




No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
59 Jeremy Bracco RW Drafted 2nd Rd (61) ’15
61 Adam Brooks C Drafted 4th Rd (92) ’16
62 Carl Grundstrom RW Drafted 2nd Rd (57) ’16
65 Brady Ferguson LW AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’18
66 Mason Marchment LW Signed (AHL) Mar ’18
67 Matt Bradley C AHL Signing (Jrs) Jun ’18
68 Ryan McGregor C Drafted 6th Rd (172) ’17
84 Riley Stotts C Drafted 3rd Rd (83) ’18
85 Semyon Der-Arguchintsev C Drafted 3rd Rd (76) ’18
Hudson Elynuik C AHL Signing (CAR) Jul ’18
Giorgio Estephan C Signed (Jrs) Jul ’18
Ryan Moore C AHL Signing (Jrs) Jul ’18
J.J. Piccinich RW Drafted 4th Rd (103) ’14
Derian Plouffe C AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’18
Scott Pooley RW AHL Signing (NCAA) Jun ’18
Roman Pucek F Camp Invite 4.13.00 OHL CZECH
Eli Zummack F Camp Invite 3.22.00 WHL Kelowna, BC
49 Filip Kral D Drafted 5th Rd (149) ’18
58 Andrew Nielsen D Drafted 3rd Rd (65) ’15
75 Fedor Gordeev D Drafted 5th Rd (141) ’17
78 Timothy Liljegren D Drafted 1st Rd (17) ’17
81 Mac Hollowell D Drafted 4th Rd (118) ’18
83 Sean Durzi D Drafted 2nd Rd (52) ’18
Owen Lalonde D Camp Invite 2.1.00 OHL Riverside, ON
Stefan LeBlanc D AHL Signing (MTL) Jul ’18
Jesper Lindgren D Drafted 4th Rd (95) ’15
Kristians Rubins D Camp Invite 12.11.97 ECHL LATVIA
Rasmus Sandin D Drafted 1st Rd (29) ’18
60 Zachary Bouthillier G Drafted 7th Rd (209) ’18
70 Ian Scott G Drafted 4th Rd (110) ’17



Last but not least, are the reigning Stanley Cup Champion, Washington Capitals. As might be expected with a championship team, only two invites are attending the rookie camp this year.



Only one is a Western player, Logan Thompson, a 21 year old goaltender who graduated from the Brandon Wheat Kings this year and has committed to playing at Brock University this fall, unless a pro contract emerges from the camp.

The Calgary native suffered a high ankle sprain last spring, which shut him out of the Wheat Kings playoff run. He posted a .905 save percentage in his 122 regular season WHL games.


No. Player Pos How Acquired DoB League Born
40 Garrett Pilon C Drafted 3rd Rd (87) ’16
45 Axel Jonsson-Fjallby LW Drafted 5th Rd (147) ’16
47 Beck Malenstyn LW Drafted 5th Rd (145) ’16
49 Maximilian Kammerer LW Signed (DEL) May ’18
51 Kristian Roykas Marthinsen LW Drafted 7th Rd (213) ’17
54 Mason Mitchell C Signed (NCAA) Mar ’17
58 Eric Florchuk C Drafted 7th Rd (217) ’18
63 Shane Gersich C Drafted 5th Rd (134) ’14
64 Brian Pinho C Drafted 6th Rd (174) ’13
67 Riley Sutter RW Drafted 3rd Rd (93) ’18
71 Kody Clark RW Drafted 2nd Rd (47) ’18
73 Juuso Ikonen RW Signed (SHL) May ’18
93 Mark Simpson C Camp Invite 4.24.93 Usports Rothesay, NB
21 Lucas Johansen D Drafted 1st Rd (28) ’16
27 Alexander Alexeyev D Drafted 1st Rd (31) ’18
34 Jonas Siegenthaler D Drafted 2nd Rd (57) ’15
36 Connor Hobbs D Drafted 5th Rd (143) ’15
42 Martin Fehervary D Drafted 2nd Rd (46) ’18
46 Tobias Geisser D Drafted 4th Rd (120) ’17
53 Alex Kannok-Leipert D Drafted 6th Rd (161) ’18
84 Kris Bindulis D Signed (NCAA) Mar ’17
30 Ilya Samsonov G Drafted 1st Rd (22) ’15
35 Logan Thompson G Camp Invite 2.25.97 Usports Calgary, AB