North Van Atom A2 Rep Report: Top Potential

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Jan 21, 2013

North Vancouver Atom A2 – 5th of 9

Don’t let the current placement fool you, this team is in the running for a banner.

The Atom A2 Storm have played just two games since the Christmas break, both ties, 0-0 vs BWC and 3-3 vs the Van T-irds.

But because the division is so tight, the lack of wins has dropped the team from being a single point out of first before Christmas, to fifth place.

The schedule has also come into play, as other teams have played more games.

The Storm have only lost three games in 12 contests, the fewest but for Sunshine Coast, who have played 15 games.

So with seven games left and three games in hand, the Atom A2s are still in good shape to challenge Sunshine for the banner.

But they’ll have on their A game, especially against New West, BWC A4 and Whistler A1.