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Dec 10, 2013


North Van Bantam A2 – Flight 5

The North Van Bantam A2 Storm are off to a great start in their first seven regular season games. 

The team has lost only one game, 4-2 to Semiahmoo A3, and are in third place with 16 points.

Semi is four points ahead, but have played three more games. Semi has also lost just one game, a 5-0 thumping by BWC 3.

BWC A3 are in second place, with 18 points, and have also played three more games than the Storm, but have lost four already.

So the probability of the Storm moving into second place is good, and the potential to place first, is within reach.

But Storm are in for a tough scrap to gain that honor, as two more teams are also currently sitting with just one loss, West Van A1 and Hollyburn A2.

And both teams are currently tied with the Storm in third with 16 points.

The good news is that the Storm have four more games to play before the Christmas break, three of them against teams that are struggling at the bottom of the league, and only one against a top team, West Van A1.

That game will be a real test for the Storm A2. However, the Storm have a better defensive record than West Van, so are probably the slightly favored team.

In any case the team is well positioned to improve their position in the division and start the New Year at or near the top. Run the table and they’ll be in first place for Christmas.

Record so far:


North Van Bantam A2 Record
Current Standing: Flight 5: 3rd of 11 GF GA W L T Spt Pts PIM
11/13/13 Burnaby Bantam A2-T2 5 2 W 1 3 4
11/17/13 Chilliwack Bantam A3-T3 7 2 W 1 3 10
11/23/13 Seafair Bantam A2-T2 2 2 T 1 2 12
11/24/13 Burnaby Winter Club Bantam A3-T3 3 3 T 0 1 14
12/1/13 Vancouver Thunderbirds Bantam A3-T3 5 2 W 1 3 14
12/2/13 Semiahmoo Bantam A3-T3 2 4 L 1 1 12
12/7/13 Surrey Bantam A3-T3 4 0 W 1 3 4
12/8/13 Hollyburn Bantam A2-T2 4 1 W 1 3 4
32 16 5 1 2 7 19 74