North Van Juvenile Storm Update

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NVMHA StormThe two North Van Juvenile Storm rep teams are a few games into their seasons in the Juvenile A division.

The division went from three flights to two for season play, with twelve teams in Flight 1 and seven in Flight 2.

Juvenile Storm A1 – back and forth in Flight 1

In pre-season, the Storm A1 had a record of 2-3-3 in Flight 1. The team has had mixed results through four regular season games.

The Storm A1 had a strong opener, with an 8-5 win over Chilliwack A1 (1-3-0) on November 14th. Two nights later, they crushed Surrey (1-1-1) by a score of 10-3 for their second win.

After starting with back-to-back wins, the team lost their next two games against Ridge Meadows (4-0-0) and Burnaby (2-2-0).

The Storm A1 currently sit in a tie for sixth out of twelve teams in Flight 1.

Here’s a look at the start of the Storm A1 season:

Date Opponent GF GA W L T Spts PIM
11/14/2015 Chilliwack A1 8 5 W 0 20
11/16/2015 Surrey A1 10 3 W 1 10
11/22/2015 Ridge Meadows A1 1 7 L 1 6
11/23/2015 Burnaby A1 2 5 L 1 6
A1 Totals: 21 20 2 2 0 3 42

The Storm A1 are next in action Sunday when they visit a tough opponent in Coquitlam (3-0-1).

Juvenile Storm A2 – starting season in Flight 2

The Storm A2 competed in Flight 3 during placement matches, going 1-6-1 through eight games. With the division dropping a flight, the team moved to Flight 2 for season play.

After three games, the Storm A2 are still looking for their first win. They’ve faced tough opponents so far in Vancouver (3-1-0), Port Coquitlam (5-0-0), and Squamish (2-2-0).

Date Opponent GF GA W L T Spts PIM
11/12/2015 Vancouver A1 2 6 L 1 6
11/17/2015 Port Coquitlam A1 1 9 L 1 8
11/20/2015 Squamish A1 2 8 L 0 22
 A2 Totals: 5 23 0 3 0 2 36

On Tuesday night, the team will hope to snag a win when they host Burnaby (0-5-0) at 9:45pm at Harry Jerome.