North Van Midget A1 – Stage Set for Glory?

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March 11, 2013

North Vancouver Storm Midget A1 – Are the Stars Aligning?

From day one they knew they’d be in the Provincials, so maybe that explains a few things.

The North Vancouver Storm had an an exceptional year in Midget A1 last year, finishing first in the Lower Mainland with an 11-4-3 record, and 40 points. But their dreams of a trip to the Final 4, and Provincials, were dashed by Seafair in the four point quarter final round.

This year has been very different. The Storm posted a disappointing regular season record of  5-10-3, with 31 points, and finished in seventh spot, nine points behind #1 NSWC and #2 Coquitlam who were tied with 40 points.

But in a reversal of last year’s playoff fortunes, the Storm made it through the early playoff rounds to the Final 4, tying Hollyburn Huskies 2-2 in game one, then losing 5-4 to Semiahmoo in game 2.

The win clinched first place for the Ravens, who came in as the #10 seed, and made the final Storm-Coquitlam game irrelevant, so it wasn’t played.

Hollyburn had tied their first two games, then downed #2 ranked Coquitlam 4-3 to squeak into second place with 4 points.

However, as host of the Provincial Championships, the Storm have a guaranteed berth in the big show, and will have one more opportunity to win it all.

The tie with Hollyburn, the one goal loss to Semiahmoo and getting to the Final 4 with a series win over Chilliwack, are all big confidence boosters.

As is home ice advantage at Harry Jerome (123 East 23rd North Vancouver).

The three Lower Mainland teams will be facing off against Juan de Fuca Grizzlies, Kelowna Rockets, and Prince George Cougars for the Provincial title.

Opening ceremonies start at 8:00 pm Sunday, March 16. Final game is Wednesday March 19.

Teams & Rosters:

North Vancouver Storm

NVMHA Midget A1 2013-14


Host: North Vancouver Storm Roster

35 C Gharakhanian Goalie
1 J Peakman Goalie
27 L Bill Forward
6 C Chen Defense
7 B Chipman Defense
2 S Killeen Defense
20 A McWilliams Defense
19 B Murray Forward
18 S Norbury Forward
17 W Northey Forward
8 B Oldland Forward
28 A Pistilli Forward
10 L Smith Forward
26 C Stromotich Defense
16 H Tadey Forward
15 J Village Forward
5 G Voiles Defense
4 B Rysstad Defense
14 D Nussipakynov Defense
21 T Lesage Forward
29 G Brink Goalie

Storm Bench Staff:

D McLellan Head Coach
D Cioffi Asst Coach
R Noorani Asst Coach
D McDonald Asst Coach
N Molnar Asst Coach
C Chipman Manager


Hollyburn Huskies, Lower Mainland Team 2


Hollyburn Midget A1 2013-14

Huskies Roster:

6 J Akelaitis Defense
5 R Bell Forward
7 Z Bleuler “C” Defense
12 M Cameron “A” Forward
27 G Chrystal Forward
9 H Cleghorn “A” Forward
35 C Clokie Goalie
4 J Corbett Defense
3 M Fletcher Forward
11 S Glass Forward
10 J Latta Forward
33 B Maquignaz Goalie
21 A Philps Forward
79 C Stephenson Defense
16 L Stout Forward
17 M Thompson Forward
77 B Wong Forward
8 R Wong Defense


Huskies Bench Staff:
Y Farmanara Head Coach
N Fischer Asst Coach
C McMullin Asst Coach
D Bell Manager
C Philips HCSP
Juan de Fuca Grizzlies:
JdF Grizzlies Midget A1 2013-14
JDF Grizzlies Roster:
68 B Turcotte Goalie
1 C Anderson Goalie
4 R Martin “A” Defense
5 D Rehman Forward
6 C Eskelson Defense
7 D Way Forward
8 C Kinsman Forward
10 J Malloch Forward
16 J Finlay Forward
17 T Malloch Forward
18 N Polomark “C” Forward
19 D Williamson Defense
20 J Kowalko “D” Forward
21 J Moriarity-Gage Forward
27 T Stanton Defense
44 J Lamoureux Defense
66 C Hatcher “A” Forward
77 K Bell Defense
87 C Killip Forward
89 B Wilson Forward
Grizzlies Bench Staff:
J Mohr Head Coach
D AMalloch Asst Coach
G Smith Asst Coach
D Polomark Manager
Kelowna Rockets:
Kelowna Rockets Midget A1 2013-14
Kelowna Rockets Roster:
1 S Bobyn Goalie
2 S Guison Defense
3 C Williams Defense
4 L McKinney Defense
6 J Hume Defense
7 S Fiust Forward
8 M Corbett Forward
9 B Barnes Forward
11 B Eliuk Forward
12 T Cridland Forward
14 Z Erhardt Forward
15 G Heathcote Forward
16 C Stephens Defense
17 T Lebrun
18 J Harding-Bautista Forward
19 B Hanley Forward
20 J Knorr Forward
22 T Redschlag Defense
37 B Lenardon Goalie
Rockets Bench Staff:
E Blais Head Coach
T Erhardt Asst Coach
C Koberindki Asst Coach
B Mason Asst Coach
B Barnes Manager
B Cridland HCSP
Prince George Cougars:
PG Cougars Midget A1 2013-14
Prince George Cougars Roster:
1 R Druskin Goalie
3 C Slaney Defense
5 B Dyck Defense
6 C Jandric Defense
7 J Albinati Forward
8 J Hards Forward
9 A Gray Forward
10 J Gordon Forward
11 T Anderson Forward
12 B Dale Forward
13 D Hards Forward
14 J Schwing Forward
15 C Metcalfe Forward
16 T Gagne Forward
17 N Powar Defense
18 K Redden Forward
19 J Waterston Forward
35 J Ferguson Goalie
Cougars Bench Staff:
R Powar Head Coach
A Slaney Asst Coach
K Hards Asst Coach
B Hards Manager
Semiahmoo Ravens: Lower Mainland Team 1
(Photo unavailable)
1 N Anderson Goalie
29 Q Paille Goalie
3 I Ross Defense
4 S Berry Defense
5 L Veltri Forward
7 G Scott Forward
8 M Pommeroy Defense
9 J Stewart Forward
10 C Tindle Defense
12 L Marcoux Forward
13 R Chanin Forward
14 M Filipenko Forward
15 A Thind Defense
16 B Evanish Forward
17 M Schellenberg Forward
18 Z Stepaniuk Forward
19 C Dickson Defense
21 O Alcock Forward
Ravens Bench Staff: