North Van Midget A3 – Re-tiered and now in #5 spot

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Feb 12, 2013

North Vancouver Storm Midget A3 –

The North Van Midget A3 started the season with two wins, and finished with a tie. In between, a long string of losses, including nine in a row after the first two wins.

Like the A2s, the team played much better after the Christmas break, losing just 3 out of 7, vs 9 of 12 before Christmas.

The team finished Flight 4, 11th out of 13, with a record of 3-12-3, and 22 points, tied with Langley A3 who finished a place higher due to one more win (4-14-0).

The Storm’s improved play has carried through the first round of Tier 3 playoffs, as the reseeded # 7 Storm A3 downed #11 Cloverdale A3, 5-3 to advance to the 4 point Round 2 series (six Flight 4 A2 teams were moved up to Tier 2 for playoffs).

Two lower Tier 3 seeded upsets, by Surrey (13), 3-0 over Abby (4), and by Coquitlam (9), 4-1 over Vancouver (8), have moved the Storm up two places into the five spot for the second round, where they’ll face off against #4 seed Langley A3s in the four point series.

Unofficial Round 3 Match-ups:

Series Tier 3 Midget T3 – Round 2 GF GF
1 vs 8 TBA SunshineCstMidget A1-T3 Surrey Midget A3-T3
2 vs 7 TBA Aldergrove Midget A2-T3 Coquitlam Midget A3-T3
3 vs 6 TBA Semi Midget A3-T3 North Delta Midget A2-T3
4 vs 5 TBA Langley Midget A3-T3 North Van Midget A3-T3