North Van Midget Storm teams pick up wins

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All three of the rep North Van Midget Storm teams were able to pick up wins last week. The Storm A1 managed to stay atop Flight 1, while the Storm A2 and Storm A3 squads were able to rise a bit in the standings.

Midget Storm A1 – best goal differential in Flight 1

The Storm A1 are proving to be the team to beat in the Midget division, sitting atop Flight 1 with a 5-1-0 record.

The team has been solid all around, but the defense and goaltending have been especially spectacular, allowing just six goals through six games, five goals less than any other team. They have the best goal differential with +16 in six games, outscoring their opponents by almost three goals per game.

The week kicked off with a 2-0 shutout over Abbotsford (2-3-2) in what was the team’s third straight shutout. The team mimicked their opening night score when they beat Coquitlam (3-2-2) last Sunday.

The team suffered their first loss on Friday when they came up just short in a 2-1 game against Hollyburn (3-4-2).

Despite the loss, the Storm A1 are still first-place in the division and have shown they have the ability to shut down any team they play against. Expect to see them bounce back to the win column by next week.

The next game should be an interesting one, as the Storm A1 host Seafair (4-0-1) Sunday night in a battle of the top teams. Game is at 8:00pm at Harry Jerome.

Here’s a look at the first six games for the Storm A1:

Date League GF GA W L T Spts PIM
11/13/2015 Semiahmoo A1-T1 6 2 W 1 10
11/15/2015 Van T-birds A1-T1 4 0 W 1 12
11/22/2015 Surrey A1-T1 3 0 W 0 20
11/27/2015 Abbotsford A1-T1 2 0 W 1 4
11/29/2015 Coquitlam A1-T1 6 2 W 1 12
12/4/2015 Hollyburn A1-T1 1 2 L 1 14
A1 Totals: 22 6 5 1 0 5 72


Midget Storm A2 – first win in tough Flight 3 schedule

The Storm A2 had just one game last week, but they made it count in a 4-2 victory over North Delta (2-3-3).

The team has had a tough schedule to start the season. Four of their five opponents represent spots 1-4 out of ten teams in Flight 3 right now, and the other team was sixth, so there have been some tough match-ups for the Storm A2.

Despite that, the team has fared well. They sit tied for seventh right now and, outside of Seafair, haven’t played a team in the bottom half of the standings. Once they do, you can expect the team to pick up some more wins as they did this past week.

Outside of a couple 6-2 losses, the Storm A2 have been competitive with every team they’ve played so far.

The Storm A2 will have a chance to add a few more wins this week as they play last-place Vancouver (0-5-2) in two straight games on December 7th and 9th.

Here’s how the Storm A2 look through the first five games of their season:

Date League GF GA W L T Spts PIM
11/16/2015 Whistler A1-T3 2 6 L 1 4
11/18/2015 Semiahmoo A2-T2 2 2 T 1 14
11/22/2015 Seafair A2-T2 4 4 T 1 14
11/26/2015 Coquitlam A2-T2 2 6 L 1 12
11/30/2015 North Delta A1-T2 4 2 W 1 12
A2 Totals: 14 20 1 2 2 5 56


Midget Storm A3 – trending up in Flight 4

After a slow start the Storm A3 have picked up their pace in Flight 4.

The team had three games in three nights, losing 3-0 to Sno-King (3-3-0) before picking up points in the next two nights.

On Saturday night, the team tied Abbotsford (3-4-1) in a 3-3 game before picking up their biggest win of the season, a 5-2 victory over Burnaby (2-5-0).

The team has played the most games (9) of any team in the flight. Right now the team sits fifth of ten teams in Flight 4 with a 2-6-1 record.

The Storm A3 will rematch Burnaby next Friday, December 11th.

Here’s the game-by-game breakdown for the start of the Storm A3 season:

Date League GF GA W L T Spts PIM
11/9/2015 Chilliwack A2-T2 4 7 L 1 10
11/19/2015 Cloverdale A2-T2 2 4 L 1 8
11/20/2015 Surrey A2-T2 1 2 L 1 6
11/22/2015 Seattle A1 4 3 W 1 14
11/25/2015 Coquitlam A3-T3 0 4 L 1 10
11/27/2015 Sno-King A2 0 3 L 1 10
11/28/2015 Abbotsford A2-T2 3 3 T 1 16
11/29/2015 Burnaby A2-T2 5 2 W 1 4
12/4/2015 Langley A2-T2 3 7 L 0 45
A3 Totals: 22 35 2 6 1 8 123