North Van Storm Peewee A1, in race for 4th

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Dec 12, 2013

The North Van Peewee A1 Storm are leading the pack of four NVMHA rep teams this year.

After finishing tied for first place with Chilliwack in the placement round, the Storm and the Bruins were moved up to Flight 2 for the regular season.

It’s proven to be a big step for the Storm A1s as the team has struggled to put points up in the 8 regular season games they’ve played so far.

The team has just one win and two ties against five losses, but they’ve got plenty of company in the standings, and with some success over the run up to Christmas and into the New Year, the team could still make a Final 4 spot for the playoffs.

With 11 points, the team is tied with Surrey and Chilliwack for seventh in the 11 team division. But the Storm are only five points out of third place, which is jointly occupied by North Delta and Van T-Birds. Only Seafair at 6-0-2 and Ridge Meadows at 4-2-3, with 22 and 20 points respectively, have semi-comfortable leads in the standings.

Looking ahead, the Storm have four games to play before the Christmas break. First up is South Delta, who sit one point ahead at the moment. A win would move the Storm up to sixth spot.

Then a key game against Chilliwack.

The Bruins interestingly, have fared much better in the win column (4-3-1) than the Storm since getting moved up to Flight 2, but have managed only two sportsmanship points in 8 games.

This game will be a real test for the Storm, but they do have an edge, having defeated the Bruins 5-1 in their final placement round game. A win here could bump them up another spot, into 5th by Dec 16.

Then two more games before Christmas, against Seattle Sno-Kings (4-3-1) and Burnaby Minor (1-5-1).

All four upcoming games are winnable. The only catch of course, is that the other guys will be thinking the same thing.

Still the Storm have an opportunity to be masters of their own destiny, and are definitely have the potential to move up with some strong play over the next two weeks.

Peewee A1 Storm regular season record so far:

NVMHA Peewee A1 Record
Current Standing: Flight 2, 7th place GF GA W L T Spt Pts PIM
11/12/13 Burnaby Peewee A1-T1 4 6 L 1 1 2
11/17/13 Seattle Junior Peewee A1 3 6 L 1 1 2
11/19/13 Surrey Peewee A1-T1 2 2 T 1 2 6
11/26/13 South Delta Peewee A1-T1 6 3 W 1 3 4
11/28/13 Coquitlam Peewee A1-T1 3 4 L 1 1 4
12/1/13 Seafair Peewee A2-T2 1 6 L 0 0 18
12/3/13 Ridge Meadows Peewee A1-T1 2 2 T 1 2 4
12/10/13 Vancouver Thunderbirds Peewee A1-T1 2 7 L 1 1 2
23 36 1 5 2 7 11 42