NSWC Bantam Team Formation Underway

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Sept 8, 2013

The bantam team formation process continues at the North Shore Winter Club, with the A2 group split into an A3 working group Friday night.

The A1 team is currently carrying three goalies, eight D and 13 F. While final team numbers have not been 100% determined yet, it is very likely the A1 team will carry 10F, 6D, and 2G as they did last year.

However, there is a slim chance the team could go with just 9F, which has been typical in many past years.

That decision, says hockey director Jeff Oldenborger, along with the numbers for the A2, A3 and A4 teams, remains a work in process, dependent on a number of factors yet to play out.

Also a work in process is the situation with the A1 team’s three prospective goaltenders, which includes both last year’s A1 goalies Dorrin Luding and Cole Demers, as well as last year’s top A2 goalie, David Tendick.

Again, while no final decisions have been taken, the club has been in discussions with the players and parents about moving one goalie up to the Midget A1 team, rather than down to the B2 Team. The final decision will be determined in consultation with Oldenborger, coaches, parents and player.

A1 Head coach Jim Dinwoodie, along with long time assistant coach Mitch Pinksy, plan to reassign one F and one D Thursday night, after the team’s first exhibition game against the Anaheim Ducks, and then make the final A1 team selections after the four-game Can-Am Ice-Breaker next weekend.

The coaches will likely announce the final team at NSWC next Tuesday.

Dinwoodie says this year’s selection process is going to be particularly difficult, as the depth of the players available is considerable.

Dinwoodie says he always been interested in picking the best 18; and that his process has nothing to do with taking so many first years as a matter of course, contrary to some popular opinion.

The reassignments Thursday will begin the annual cascading process, as one more D and two or possibly three forwards, plus a goalie (possibly) move to the A2 working group.

That process will go on down the line with A3s and A4 possibly playing with as few as 9-4-2. The larger 9-5-2 rosters would assign just 12 players to the house Hawks team. So unless the team can affiliate peewees up, it seems likely the A2 and A3s will carry the smaller roster number.

A total of 77 players are currently registered for the bantam division.

There’s also been some speculation that this year’s A2 team could compete in Tier 1 PCAHA league play, since the 1999-2000 group is particularly deep.

However, there is little chance of this happening, unless the team clearly dominates in the Flight 2 PCAHA tiering round.

Similarly there is some speculation that the A2s and A3s could play in the same flight.

At this point it looks like the A3 team will be made mainly of 2000 birth year Forwards, while the A2s Forwards will be likely one half to two thirds second year players. Again the A3 team would have to completely dominate Flight 3 to earn a spot in Flight 2 during the eight game PCAHA tiering round.

The situation on D for the A2 and A3 teams is not so clear cut with many first years vying for top spots on the A2 backend.

Assignments so far:

1 Cole Demers 99
2 Dorin Luding 99
3 David Tendick 99
1 Carter Berger 99
2 Kabir Gill 00
3 Mackenzie Gray 99
4 Nolan Kneen 99
5 Patrick Keon 99
6 Connor MacDonald 99
7 Cole Moberg 00
8 Sami Pharon 99
1 Justin Alameida 99
2 Jordy Bellerive 99
3 Angus Crookshank 99
4 Eathan de Jong 99
5 Sean Gulka 00
6 Liam Kindree 00
7 Jonas Leas 99
8 Jackson Leppard 00
9 Jack Shepard 00
10 Brett Stapley 99
11 Jordan Vann 99
12 Tanner Versuliuis 99
13 Evan Walls 99
1 Donovan Buskey 00
2 Nick Hoem 00
1 Evan D’Avignon 99
2 Kelvin Hair 00
3 Jonas Harkins 00
4 Caleb Magee 00
5 Kurt Sakata 99
1 Dom Davis 00
2 Cam Gauer 99
3 Liam Hickey 99
4 Kyle Jennings 00
5 Darrion Kerr 99
6 Douglous Kuo 99
7 Ben Landon 00
8 Jaxon Lepp 00
9 Liam Mcleod 99
10 Connor Rutledge 99
1 Rory MacKillop 99
2 Max Corbin 00
1 Sam Frederick 99
2 Ryan Loewen 99
3 Sam Pouliot 00
4 Kyle Swoboda 00
1 Cam Chin 00
2 Owen Christiansen 00
3 Jacob Fourier 00
4 Carter Finlay 99
5 Lief Jungaro 00
6 Evan Gerbrecht 99
7 Holden Katzalay 00
8 Matteo Pecchia 00
9 Jack McIntosh 00
10 Hudson Schandor 00
11 Alex Wolfe 00