NSWC Midget A1s 6-1-0 in Dec.

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The NSWC Midget A1s finished their first half of regular season play with a strong performance, downing first place Coquitlam A1s 2-0 at home on Dec 22.

The win pushed the Winterhawks’ record to 6-1-0 in December. Their sole loss, 2-1, to Seafair at home on December 20 came on a flukey delayed offside long shot that landed on edge and took a strange hop over Cole Demers pad.

Despite the stellar performance, the Hawks are in fifth place in the tightly packed division going into the New Year. Their 8-2-2 record, with 7 sportsmanship points, puts the Hawks a point behind Ridge Meadows  9-2-1 (7 spt), and two points behind two teams tied for second, Richmond 8-2-2 (9 spt) and Seafair 9-2-1 (8 spt).

Coquitlam is three points ahead of the Hawks, in first place, with another record of 9-2-1, but with 9 sporties. Coquitlam’s only other loss was a 3-2 decision to Richmond on Dec 8.

The Hawks backend allowed only 7 goals in December.  Third year vet Johnnie Donohoe and bantam aged Cole Demers notched three shut outs in the stretch.

The D are fronted by third years, Justin Pouliot, Gavin Dunster and Christian Gacina, second years Wyatt Versluis and Andre Margo and first year James McIntosh. The return of Dunster from injury has permitted coaching staff to move third year Brett Andrews to centre, adding more scoring punch to the line-up.

Goal scoring has improved dramatically over the period, with the team scoring 22 goals December vs 6 goals in five games in November.

First years Alex Uryga and Desi Burghart are currently leading the scoring with 11 and 8 goals respectively. Justin Pouliot, Spencer McLeod are also in top offensive category with 11 assists each. Brett Andrews and Trevor Wilson have 10.