NSWC Report: Midget A1 Battle Through Close Contests

in regular season

For much of the regular season, the Midget A1 Winterhawks found themselves on the wrong end of some tough one goal games. While their games continue to be incredibly tight, it would seem that they are now finding ways to come out on top of these close contests with greater frequency.

“We’ve been very competitive, and being a fairly young team I think that’s positive,” said Coach Phil Kinninmont. “The games in the first half that we were losing by one goal we seem to be winning, or at least tying now. We have a top line of ’97s, and its taken the boys some time to take on their new roles and learn how to win.”

The key to the turnaround has simply been paying more attention to details and sticking to the game plan. “It’s been about execution,” said Kinninmont. “Our powerplay finally has its legs under them, we’re getting some timely saves and some real nice efforts from AP’s helping us out.”

The A1 Winterhawks sit well back in the PCAHA Flight 1 title race in 9th place, but given that the team has been playing what looks like playoff hockey all season, they could end up playing the role of spoiler in the post season.