NSWC tryout process fine tuned

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The North Shore Winter Club has fine-tuned its tryout process this year, in the hopes of overcoming some of the issues and challenges that have been documented over the past two seasons.

In an email that was sent to members this week the following points were made:

Player position confirmation: Positional changes will only be accepted in writing 5 days prior to tryouts.

Player absence policy: this policy has been rewritten to ensure clarity. A legitimate absence includes player injury/illness (with Dr. note) or family emergency and they must be approved by the Hockey Director.

Evaluation Phase: Players with a legitimate absence who miss one of the three evaluation skates will have their scores from the remaining two skates averaged. If a player misses two or more skates, only 1 score is used with 2 ‘0’ scores and placed accordingly to a working group. The Hockey Director and Division Coaches will assess and move the player up or down, as appropriate.

Working Group Phase: Players with a legitimate absence who miss more than one Working Group practice or game could still be reassigned, as appropriate. Absences should be coordinated via your Division Coordinator.

All other absences result in the player being assigned to Hawks.

Long Term Injuries: will be managed by the HD / MHC on an individual case basis

Player Equipment: players not in compliance with tryout equipment standards will be asked to leave the ice and change into appropriate equipment. Please note: only NSWC or neutral apparel is permitted; wearing spring hockey equipment is considered to be non compliant.

Parent viewing: parents are to not access the designated evaluator area

Evaluation games, shift changes: (Atom Only) players will be shifted via a buzzer between the 60 to 90 second mark, depending on play.

Player evaluation scoring: all evaluator scores will be reviewed by the Hockey Faculty as a check and balance prior to the formation of working groups. This process will be conducted in the presence of 1 member of the MHC.

Working Groups with unassigned coaches: if a team does not yet have an assigned Head Coach, a Hockey Faculty member will act as coach until one is named

Player Assignment/Reassignments: Following the evaluation skate section of the process working group notifications will be conducted by email. When a player is released from a Working Group this will be conducted by the Head Coach in person with the player along with a rep from the Hockey Department or MHC. This notification will ONLY take place at the NSWC and could take place following any team activity (game, practice, dryland, classroom). Parents are urged to pick up their players on NSWC event nights.

Parents and players are NOT to remain in the club area during player releases.  

IMPORTANT: any questions or issues that arise during any phase of tryouts must be submitted via the online form after 24 hrs. Issues will move through each step of the resolution process until it’s resolved:

• Online issue form submitted to Division Coordinator / Hockey Faculty for answer/resolution (after 24 hrs);
• Division Coordinator unable to answer/resolve, issue documented and forwarded to MHC;
• MHC unable to answer/resolve, issue forwarded to HD;
• HD unable to answer/resolve, issue forwarded to GM.

If the 24 hr. rule is breached or the process circumvented, the issue will be automatically dismissed.  The 24 hour rule will be strictly enforced.