NVMHA Storm rep teams – final playoff updates

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March 12, 2016

With the season coming to a close, here’s a look at how NVMHA Storm playoff teams performed in both the Final 4 and the President series. This is accompanied by each team’s record from regular season action.

Final 4 Results

The Midget Storm A1 upset #1 Cloverdale A1 to earn a spot in the Tier 1 Final Four. But the team fell just shy of earning a trip the provincials, tying their first two games, 2-2, vs Coquitlam and Ridge Meadows, and then losing 6-1 to the T-Birds in game 3. Coquitlam booked a 4-1 win over Ridge Meadows in their final game, to take the silver and the second PCAHA slot at the BC Championships. All in all a solid year for Coach Ben Benicky and the Midget A1s.

The Midget Storm A3Atom Storm A1, and Bantam Storm A4 also made it through to their respective Final Four and finished in fourth place.

The Juvenile Storm A1 finished in second place and will move on to compete in the Provincials in Maple Ridge March 17-20.

The Juvenile Storm A2 ended their season on a high note, winning their extended series against Burnaby A2, to win the PCAHA banner.

Following are summaries on each Storm team’s path to the Final 4.


North Van Atom Storm

Tier 1: Atom Storm A1 – 5th in GVC Flight 2 (11-7-2) @  4th GVC Flight 2 Seafair A2 (11-8-1)

Results, Game 1: 6-6T; Game 2: 2-0W; Game 3: 3-0L; Game 4: 5-3W (Win series 2-1-1)

Current round: Final Four (0-2-1)

The Atom Storm A1 won their second round series and have now advanced to the GVC Flight 2 Final Four. The other three teams in the final four will be Burnaby A1 (16-3-1 in GVC Flight 2), Vancouver A1 (15-4-1 in GVC Flight 2), and NSWC A2 (7-1-0 in GVC Flight 2, 1-10-1 in GVC Flight 1). The Storm tied game 1 vs Vancouver 4-4, and lost game two, 3-0 to Burnaby.

F4 Results: Game 1: 4-4T vs Vancouver; Game 2: 3-0L vs Burnaby; 2-1L vs NSWC

Finish: Fourth place in GVC Flight 2 playoffs


North Van Bantam Storm

Tier 4: Bantam Storm A4 – 5th in Flight 7 (10-8-2) @ 4th Flight 7 NSWC A4 (9-9-2).

Result: 7-1W @ NSWC A4 – Next round: Final Four

The Bantam Storm A4 have entered the Final Four for Tier 4 playoffs and will play a round robin style tournament to determine the Tier 4 champion. The Storm A4 will play games against Whistler A1-T4 (5-13-2 in Flight 5), Langley A4 (6-14-0 in Flight 5), and Ridge Meadows A4 (2-14-4 in Flight 6). Played Feb 26-28.

F4 Results: Game 1: 8-1L vs Whistler; Game 2: 10-5L vs Langley; Game 3: 5-2L vs Ridge Meadows

Finish: Fourth place in Bantam Tier 4 playoffs


North Van Midget Storm

Tier 1: Midget Storm A1 – 8th in Flight 1 (8-7-3) vs 9th Flight 1 Richmond A1 (7-7-4)

Round 1, Bye

Round 2, Result: 6-5W vs Richmond A1

Round 3, Results: 2-1W, 4-2W vs 1st Flight 1 Cloverdale A1 (11-4-3)

Big upset against top ranked Cloverdale A1 propels the Storm to the Final 4 again.

Next round: Final Four

The Midget Storm A1 have entered the Final Four for Tier 1 playoffs and will play a round robin style tournament to determine the Tier 1 champion. The Storm A1 will play against Ridge Meadows A1 (9-9-0 in Flight 1), Coquitlam A1 (11-4-3 in Flight 1), and Vancouver Thunderbird A1 (9-8-1 in Flight 1). Played Feb. 26 – March 1.

F4 Results: Game 1: 2-2T vs Coquitlam; Game 2: 2-2T vs Ridge Meadows; Game 3: 6-1L vs Vancouver Thunderbird

Finish: Third place in Midget Tier 1 playoffs


Tier 3: Midget Storm A3 – 6th in Flight 4 (5-10-3) vs 10th Flight 4 Vancouver A2-T3 (2-4-0)

Result: 3-2W, 6-4W vs Vancouver A2-T3

Next round:  Final Four

The Midget Storm A3 have entered the Final Four for Tier 3 playoffs and will play a round robin style tournament to determine the Tier 3 champion. The Storm A3 will play against Whistler A1-T3 (15-2-1 in Flight 3), Coquitlam A3 (9-3-0 in Flight 4 & 3-1-2 in Flight 3), and Sunshine Coast A1-T3 (14-2-2 in Flight 3). Played Feb. 26 – March 1.

F4 Results: Game 1: 11-0L vs Sunshine Coast; Game 2: 9-2L vs Whistler; 8-4L vs Coquitlam

Finish: Fourth place in Midget Tier 3 playoffs


North Van Juvenile Storm

Gold Group: Juvenile Storm A1 – 5th in Flight 1 (12-8-2) vs 11th Flight 1 Chilliwack A1 (5-16-1)

Result: Game 1: 4-3W; Game 2: 11-8W vs Chilliwack A1.

The winner of this series advances to the Gold Group Final Four. Other opponents are Richmond A1 (16-5-1 in Flight 1), Coquitlam A1 (13-4-5 in Flight 1), and Langley A1 (9-10-3 in Flight 1). Played March 4-6.

F4 Results: Game 1: 7-4W vs Coquitlam; 4-2W vs Richmond; 4-3L vs Langley

Finish: Second place in Gold Group playoffs, advance to Provincials
Blue Group: Juvenile Storm A2 – 5th in Flight 2 (4-16-2) vs 7th in Flight 2 Burnaby A2 (3-18-1)

Result: Game 1: 8-7L; Game 2: 5-4L; Game 3: 9-3W; Game 4: 6-4W; Game 5: 2-2T; Game 6: 5-4W vs Burnaby A2

The Juvenile Storm A2 win series in six games (3-2-1).

Finish: Winner of Series 5; DNQ for Final Four


President Series (PS)

The rep teams who have been eliminated from playoff contention will now shift their focus to try and win their respective president series.

Below is each team’s regular season record, listed series, and game results.


North Van Atom Storm

Storm A2 (4-13-3 6th in GVC Flight 3)

PS: 1-3-1 – 5th of six teams in GVC Series 3

Results: 6-4L vs Squamish A1; 7-3W vs Van T-bird A4; 5-2L vs Richmond A2; 1-1T vs Burnaby A2; 2-1L vs Seafair A3


Storm A3 (0-20-0 8th in GVC Flight 4)

PS: 0-3-0 – 4th of four teams in GVC Series 4

Results: 5-1L vs New West A2; 12-2L vs Seafair A4; 6-2L vs Vancouver A2


North Van Peewee Storm

Storm A1 (8-6-6 4th in Flight 2)

PS: 3-1-6 – 2nd of six teams in Series 8

Results: 3-3T, 5-2L vs Burnaby A1; 4-4T, 1-1T vs Van T-bird A1; 1-1T, 4-2W vs Chilliwack A1; 4-1W, 2-2T vs Hollyburn A1; 4-2W, 2-2T vs South Delta A1


Storm A2 (4-14-2 8th in Flight 4)

PS: 2-3-0 – 3rd of six teams in Series 5

Results: 7-4W vs Aldergrove A1-T2; 6-5L vs Port Coquitlam A1; 4-2L vs Sno-King A1; 5-3W vs Burnaby A2; 7-2L vs Chilliwack A2


Storm A3 (14-3-3 1st in Flight 7)

PS: 3-0-2 – 1st of six teams in Series 2

Results: 2-2T vs Richmond A2; 4-3W vs Seattle A2; 4-4T vs Hollyburn A2; 7-2W vs Surrey A3; 6-2W vs South Delta A3


Storm A4 (1-18-1 10th in Flight 7)

PS: 2-4-2 – 5th of five teams in Series 1

Results: 3-3T, 11-1L vs New West A2-T3; 5-3L, 3-3T vs Burnaby A3; 3-2W, 5-4L vs Ridge Meadows A4; 2-1L, 4-3W vs BWC A4


North Van Bantam Storm

Storm A1 (13-1-6 1st in Flight 2)

PS: 3-4-1 – 3rd of six teams in Series 8

Results: 2-1L, 3-2W vs Burnaby A1; 5-1W, 3-2L vs Semiahmoo A1; 3-1L vs Abbotsford A1; 3-1L vs Ridge Meadows A1; 2-0W, 1-1T vs Coquitlam A1


Storm A2  (4-15-1 9th in Flight 3)

PS: 2-4-2 – 6th of six teams in Series 6

Results: 5-1L, 5-3L vs Chilliwack A2; 4-2W, 4-2L vs Richmond A1; 2-2T vs Semiahmoo A2; 2-2T vs Coquitlam A2; 4-2W, 2-1L vs New West A1-T2


Storm A3 (7-9-4 6th in Flight 6)

PS: 2-5-1 – 5th of five teams in Series 3

Results: 3-2W, 3-2L vs Van T-bird A3; 8-1L, 4-2L vs BWC A3; 1-0W, 4-4T vs Abbotsford A3; 5-2L, 6-5L vs West Van A1-T3


North Van Midget Storm

Storm A2 (3-9-6 5th in Flight 3)

PS: 6-2-0 – 2nd of six teams in Series 3

Results: 4-1L, 6-2W vs North Delta A1-T2; 7-2L vs New West A1-T2; 5-0W vs Vancouver A1-T2; 3-0W, 6-0W vs Chilliwack A2; 6-1W, 4-0W vs Seafair A2