PCAHA Atom FVC T1-T4, Final 4 Schedules, Game results

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PCAHA Atom teams are divided into two conferences for regular season and for playoffs; Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver, and don’t playoff against each other until Peewee. There are also no Provincial championships until Peewee.


FVC Atom Tier 1 – Hosted by Cloverdale

Cloverdale 1-1-0, Semi 1-0-1, Langley 1-0-1, Abbotsford 0-2-0

FVC Flight 1 – Final Four, hosted by Cloverdale
Abbotsford AT A1 3 Cloverdale AT A1 5 26-Feb Cloverdale 18:30
Semiahmoo AT A1 5 Langley AT A1 5 26-Feb Cloverdale 20:00
Semiahmoo AT A1 2 Cloverdale AT A1 0 28-Feb Cloverdale 16:00
Abbotsford AT A1 1 Langley AT A1 6 28-Feb Cloverdale 17:30
Langley AT A1 4 Cloverdale AT A1 2 1-Mar Cloverdale 9:15
Abbotsford AT A1 Semiahmoo AT A1 1-Mar Cloverdale 10:45


FVC Atom Tier 2 – Hosted by Surrey

Only one game so far.


FVC Flight 2 – Final Four, hosted by Surrey
Langley AT A3 4 Semiahmoo AT A2 2 28-Feb Surrey SLC 17:45
Semiahmoo AT A2 Langley AT A2 1-Mar North Surrey 16:15
Surrey AT A1 Langley AT A3 1-Mar North Surrey 17:30
Surrey AT A1 Semiahmoo AT A2 2-Mar North Surrey 18:30
Langley AT A2 Langley AT A3 2-Mar North Surrey 20:00
Langley AT A2 Surrey AT A1 2-Mar North Surrey 19:00


FVC Atom Tier 3 – Hosted by Mission

Only first game results available.


FVC Flight 3 – Final Four, hosted by Mission
Port Coquitlam AT A1 1 Mission AT A1  5 28-Feb Mission 8:30
Surrey AT A2 1 Cloverdale AT A3 3 28-Feb Mission 10:15
Surrey AT A2 Port Coquitlam AT A1 1-Mar Mission 16:00
Mission AT A1 Cloverdale AT A3 1-Mar Mission 17:45
Cloverdale AT A3 Port Coquitlam AT A1 2-Mar Mission 18:15
Mission AT A1 Surrey AT A2 2-Mar Mission 20:00


FVC Atom Tier 4 – Hosted by Port Moody

Port Moody 2-0-0, Surrey 0-1-1, Semiahmoo 1-0-1, Ridge Meadows 0-1-1


FVC Flight 4 – Final Four, hosted by Port Moody
Ridge Mdws AT A3 3 Port Moody AT A2 6 27-Feb Pt Moody 18:00
Surrey AT A3 0 Semiahmoo AT A4 2 27-Feb Pt Moody 19:30
Surrey AT A3 3 Ridge Mdws AT A3 3 28-Feb Pt Moody 15:30
Port Moody AT A2 6 Semiahmoo AT A4 3 28-Feb Pt Moody 17:00
Semiahmoo AT A4 Ridge Mdws AT A3 2-Mar Pt Moody 18:00
Port Moody AT A2 Surrey AT A3 2-Mar Pt Moody 19:30