PCAHA Bantam Tier 1 – BWC is top dog

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March 3, 2014

Top-seeded NSWC and #2 BWC met Monday night in a game to determine PCAHA league champion.

Both teams had won their first two Final Four games so it was winner take all, and in a repeat of last year’s Final, BWC Bruins came out on top with a 2-1 win against the Winterhawks, who were favored to win going in, on the basis of lopsided wins in their first two games.

Hollyburn had tested BWC in a close game Saturday, holding a 2-1 lead at the mid point, but ultimately lost the game, leaving BWC and NSWC in the two top spots. The result meant game 5 between the Huskies and Langley Eagles scheduled for Sunday afternoon was meaningless and consequently cancelled.

Here’s a recap of the five games.

Game 1 (Fri): NSWC 6-1 vs #4 Hollyburn, Nolan Kneen with hat-trick, Bellerive, Almeida and Leppard score for North Shore.

Game 2 (Fri): BWC 8-4 vs Langley, Colina scores twice, Preziuso, Santalucia, Evenson, Watson, Didyk, Welsh score for BWC.

Game 3 (Sat): BWC 5-3 vs Hollyburn, Hollyburn outshoots BWC by 20 shots, comes from behind to make it a 2-1 game, before BWC regroups to take a 4-2 lead. Hollyburn close gap to 4-3 with 3 minutes left. BWC scores empty netter to close.

Game 4 (Sat): NSWC 12-0 vs Langley. NSWC open 3-0 lead in first, shots 12-2, then open it up 9-0 in second, before closing with 3 more.

Game 5 – not played

Game 6 – NSWC scores first but can’t get a second one, BWC notches two to win the game, and the championship.


Tier 1 Game results:

Series Tier 1  Bantam Tier 1 Final 4  All Games at BWC
Final 4 Date Start  Home GF  Away GF
1 v 4 28-Feb 6:00 pm  NSWC Bantam A1-T1 6  Hollyburn Bantam A1-T1 1
2 vs 3 28-Feb 8:15 pm  BWC Bantam A1-T1 8  Langley Bantam A1-T1 4
4 vs 2 1-Mar 3:15 pm  Hollyburn Bantam A1-T1 3  BWC Bantam A1-T1 5
3 vs 1 1-Mar 7:30 pm  Langley Bantam A1-T1 0  NSWC Bantam A1-T1 12
3 vs 4 2-Mar CXLD  Langley Bantam A1-T1  X  Hollyburn Bantam A1-T1  X
1 vs 2 3-Mar 8:30 pm  NSWC Bantam A1-T1  1  BWC Bantam A1-T1  2


Final Four Tier 1, League rankings, current standings

 Bantam Tier 1 Final 4 GP W L Pts GF GA
2 2 F1 2   BWC B A1-T1 2 3 0 6 15 8
1 1 F1 1   NSWC B A1-T1 2 2 1 4 19 3
3 4 F1 4   Langley B A1-T1 2 0 2 0 4 16
4 6 F1 6   Hollyburn B A1-T1 2 0 2 0 4 11




Feb. 27, 2014

The Final 4 AAA Bantam team match ups have been decided. Langley A1 won a 2-1 game four, nail biter on Tuesday to hold off Vancouver T-Birds and retain the #3 seed.

#1 NSWC, #2 BWC and #6 Hollyburn all advanced on easy two game wins to secure their required four points.

#1 NSWC posted 6-2 and 6-0 wins over #16 ranked South Delta, who had shocked #3 Seafair in the one game elimination round Feb 10, and moved into the #8 seed for the quarterfinals. South Delta had finished the regular season in fourth place in Flight 2.

NSWC finished 18-1-1 in PCAHA league play, their sole loss 2-1, to Seafair in game two, the tie was 3-3 Dec 6 vs BWC. The Hawks downed the Bruins in their final outlining Feb 1, 3-1.

#2 BWC won 11-1 and 7-1 over #14 Cloverdale, who had upset #5 Coquitlam in round 2, and moved into the #7 seed for the quarters.  Cloverdale had finished #2 in Flight 2 in the regular season.

The Bruins regular season league record was 16-1-3, one loss and a tie to NSWC, and ties to Surrey and Seafair mid January.

#4 Langley, moved into the 3 seed after Seafair were knocked out, to meet #8 Vancouver, who had moved up two seeds after #5 Coquitlam were also eliminated. The Eagles had their hands full in the quarterfinal, as T-Birds took them to four games, and to the wire in the deciding game, 2-1 final score.

Langley’s regular season record was 12-6-2.

#6 Hollyburn advanced on two wins, 6-3 and 3-2 over #7 Surrey. The teams had moved in to the 4 and 5 seeds when Seafair and Coquitlam were knocked out.

Hollyburn’s regular season record was 9-7-4.

The Final 4 series is bound to be fast and furious, with the two of the top ranked in BC playing off against two teams that will be very determined to show they belong in the top tier as well.

The tournament will start Friday night at BWC, with NSWC facing Hollyburn at 6:00 pm; followed by BWC and Langley at 8:15.

NSWC and BWC, as the #1 and #2 seeds, will face off in the last game of the Final 4, Monday, March 3, 8:30 pm. Both will have had a full day of rest. Final 4 tournament game sequence and match ups are pre-determined by PCAHA and are the same for all divisions. Host clubs provide games slots but do not determine match ups.

The top two teams will advance to the Provincial Playoffs in Prince George; the Provincial winner will move to the Western Finals, to face the provincial champs from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, plus host team, Kelowna, in April.