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Jan. 25, 2014

Nine PCAHA Bantam teams, currently playing in 3 Flights, are eligible for Tier 4 Provincial Playoff competition this year, hosted by Windermere MHA, March 17-21.

Seven of these teams are playing in Flight 7. Langley A4 are in Flight 5, Langley A5 are in Flight 6.

One team from this group will advance from Final 4 Playoffs to represent PCAHA in Tier 4.


PCAHA teams are placed in regular season Flights based on their competitive ranking after eight preseason games. This placement is reviewed at the Christmas break and teams moved up or down for the stretch run of 8 games if necessary.

PCAHA placement into various Flights is based solely on intra-league competition, regardless of a team’s Provincial Tier rank which is determined by BC Hockey, the provincial body which oversees all BC Minor Hockey Association Leagues. BC Hockey’s Tier ranking is based primarily on the size of an individual MHA.

For example, large associations such as Surrey, North Vancouver, Van TBirds, Abbotsford are automatically placed in Tier 1 for provincials. Their second teams in Tier 2, third teams in Tier 3 and so on. Whereas a smaller associations such as Port Moody and Mission, with a smaller pool of player to draw from, are automatically placed in a lower Tier for Provincial Playoff competition.

The idea is to create parity between teams from various sized communities.

The Winter Clubs are automatically placed in Tier 1.

After the regular season ends, PCAHA teams are reseeded for provincial playoffs, based on their Tier rank as determined by BC Hockey.

Teams are ranked on basis of final standings, with Flight 1 teams ranked ahead of Flight 2 teams, Flight 2 teams ranked ahead of Flight 3 teams and so on.

PCAHA teams eligible for Tier 4 2013-14 Provincials:

Flight 5 (1) Langley MHA “A4”

Flight 6 (1) Langley MHA “A5”,

Flight 7 (7) Abbotsford MHA “A4”, North Shore W.C. MHA “A4”, North Vancouver MHA “A4” Ridge Meadows MHA “A4”, Semiahmoo MHA “A4”,Semiahmoo MHA “A5”, Vancouver TBirds MHA “A4”,

Playoff Format for PCAHA Bantam Tier 4, 2013-14 Season:

Teams 1-7 are given a bye in the first round. Teams 8-9 play a single elimination game, to be completed by Feb 13.

Round two is a four point series, with the winner of 8-9 joining 1-7 in the eight team round, 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc.  First team to win 4 points advances to the Final 4. There are no sportsmanship points allocated for playoff games. This round to be completed by Feb. 27.

Round three is the Championship Final 4 Series, a single round robin competition featuring the four third round winners. To be completed by March 4.

Unlike most other PCAHA divisions, only one PCAHA team advances to the Tier 4 Provincial Championships in Windermere, Mar 17-24.