PCAHA Midget Rep Playoffs – 4 pt Series Update

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Feb 19, 62014

The four point series of PCAHA Midget playoffs are underway.

Tier 1 Midget   

Five top seeds advanced through Round 2.

Hollyburn (13) upset Ridge Meadows (4), 3-0 in last game of series. Face #1 ranked NSWC.

NSWC wins first game 3-2. game two at Hollyburn Feb 21.

Two other lower seeds advance, #12 Chilliwack and #9 Semiahmoo.

Chilliwack dropped squeaker first game vs #2 Coquitlam, 4-3, then even series next night at home, also 4-3.

Surrey also wins close one, 3-2 vs North Van. Game two underway Feb 19.

Third Round.

Series Tier 1 Midget T1 – Round 3 GF GF
1 vs 8 21-Feb NSWC Midget A1-T1  3 Hollyburn Midget A1-T1  2
8 vs 1 TBA Hollyburn Midget A1-T1 NSWC Midget A1-T1
2 vs 7 18-Feb Coquitlam Midget A1-T1  4 Chilliwack Midget A1-T1  3
7 vs 2 23-Feb Chilliwack Midget A1-T1  3 Coquitlam Midget A1-T1  4
3 vs 6 20-Feb Seafair Midget A1-T1 Semi Midget A1-T1
6 vs 3 18-Feb Semi Midget A1-T1 Seafair Midget A1-T1
4 vs 5 17-Feb Surrey Midget A1-T1  3 North Van Midget A1-T1  2
5 vs 4 19-Feb North Van Midget A1-T1 Surrey Midget A1-T1



Tier 2 Midget  

All top seeds except Semi (6)  advance through Round 2; Langley (11) now takes 8 spot in 4 point series, with upset win over Semi.

Third Round

Results for just one game in so far, #1 Van  downs #8 Langley, 5-0.

Series Tier 2 Midget T2 – Round 3 GF GF
1 vs 8 17-Feb Vancouver Midget A1-T2 5 Langley Midget A2-T2 0
8 vs 1 20-Feb Langley Midget A2-T2 Vancouver Midget A1-T2
2 vs 7 20-Feb Aldergrove Midget A1-T2 Chilliwack Midget A2-T2
7 vs 2 24-Feb Chilliwack Midget A2-T2 Aldergrove Midget A1-T2
3 vs 6 19-Feb New West Midget A1-T2 Surrey Midget A2-T2
6 vs 3 20-Feb Surrey Midget A2-T2 New West Midget A1-T2
4 vs 5 17-Feb North Delta Midget A1-T2 Ridge Mdws Midget A2-T2
5 vs 4 18-Feb Ridge Mdws Midget A2-T2 North Delta Midget A1-T2


Tier 3 Midget 

Six top seeds advance through Round 2. Surrey (13) upset Abbotsford (4) now takes 8 spot in 4 point series, play Sunshine Coast (1). Coquitlam (9) advance over Vancouver (8).

So far, just one result in, #6 North Delta upset Semiahmoo 3-1 in game one.


Second Round, 4 pt series

Series Tier 3 Midget T3 – Round 2 GF GF
1 vs 8 20-Feb Sunshin Cst Midget A1-T3 Surrey Midget A3-T3
8 vs 1 23-Feb Surrey Midget A3-T3 SunshineCst Midget A1-T3
2 vs 7 21-Feb Aldergrove Midget A2-T3 Coquitlam Midget A3-T3
7 vs 2 22-Feb Coquitlam Midget A3-T3 Aldergrove Midget A2-T3
3 vs 6 16-Feb Semi Midget A3-T3  1 North Delta Midget A2-T3  3
6 vs 3 20-Feb North Delta Midget A2-T3 Semi Midget A3-T3
4 vs 5 21-Feb Langley Midget A3-T3 North Van Midget A3-T3
5 vs 4 23-Feb North Van Midget A3-T3 Langley Midget A3-T3


Tier 4 Midget:

Only 9 teams in Tier. In first round, Semiahmoo and Coquitlam play off for a berth in Final Four. Semi wins both games 4-1, and 5-1.

Final Four, starts Feb 28.

Tier 4 Midget T4 – Round 2 GF GF
28-Feb Ridge Mdws Midget A4-T4 Semi Midget A4-T4
28-Feb Surrey Midget A4-T4 North Van Midget A4-T4
1-Mar Semi Midget A4-T4 Surrey Midget A4-T4
1-Mar North Van Midget A4-T4 Ridge Mdws Midget A4-T4
2-Mar North Van Midget A4-T4 Semi Midget A4-T4
4-Mar Ridge Mdws Midget A4-T4 Surrey Midget A4-T4