PCAHA Peewee F4 Final results

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Tier 1 – Hosted by Richmond – BWC finish first, NSWC second

Seeds: #1 BWC (3-0), #2 NSWC (2-1), #3 Abbotsford (0-2), #4 Semiahmoo (0-2)

BWC and NSWC through to Provincial Finals. BWC win Banner game 6-1 vs NSWC.

Last year the Cranbrook Eagles pushed BWC A1s. hard beating them 6-4 in the round robin to set up a rematch in the final, with the reverse outcome this time, 6-4 for BWC.

Seafair were the other Lower Mainland team last year, losing 4-2 to Crankbrook and 8-2 to BWC in the round robin.


Peewee Tier 1 – Host Richmond
Semiahmoo PW A1-T1 2 BWC PW A1-T1 5 27-Feb RIC 18:00
NSWC PW A1-T1 4 Abbotsford PW A1-T1 3 27-Feb RIC 19:45
NSWC PW A1-T1 6 Semiahmoo PW A1-T1 3 28-Feb RIC 17:15
BWC PW A1-T1 7 Abbotsford PW A1-T1 2 28-Feb RIC 19:00
Abbotsford PW A1-T1 Semiahmoo PW A1-T1 1-Mar RIC 13:45
BWC PW A1-T1 6 NSWC PW A1-T1 1 1-Mar RIC 15:45


Tier 2 – Hosted by Vancouver Spirit – BWC and Port Moody Advance

Seeds: #1 BWC A2 (2-0-0), #2 NSWC A2 (0-1-1), #3 Port Moody A1 (2-1-0), #4 North Delta A1 (0-2-1).

Correction on earlier report:

BWC A2 and Port Moody A1 will represent the Lower Mainland in the provincials this year. BWC won their first two games, including a 2-1 win over Port Moody in game two, while Port Moody secured their spot in game three with a 6-2 win over North Delta.

The Port Moody win brought their point total to 4, and eliminated NSWC A2 from contention. The Winterhawks lost their opener 4-1 vs Port Moody, and tied North Delta, rendering game 3 vs BWC meaningless – and therefore cancelled.

Prince George is hosting the provincials for this group this year.

Last year Campbell River won the Provincials with a 6-3 win over BWC in the gold medal final. Penticton got the bronze downing Williams Lake 6-2.

Port Moody also represented the Lower Mainland, and went 1-2-0.


Peewee Tier 2 – Host Vancouver Spirit
North Delta PW A1-T2 4 BWC PW A2-T2 7 28-Feb Agrodome 12:15
NSWC PW A2-T2 1 Pt Moody PW A1-T2 4 28-Feb Agrodome 15:15
NSWC PW A2-T2 2 North Delta PW A1-T2 2 1-Mar Agrodome 9:30
BWC PW A2-T2 2 Pt Moody PW A1-T2 1 1-Mar Agrodome 18:30
Pt Moody PW A1-T2 6 North Delta PW A1-T2 2 Mon Mar 2, 2015 Britannia 18:00
BWC PW A2-T2 NSWC PW A2-T2 Tue Mar 3, 2015 Agrodome 19:00


Tier 3 – Hosted by Arbutus Club – Arbutus and BWC A3 advance.

#1 Arbutus A1, #2 BWC A3, #3 Langley A3, #4 Van T-Birds

Arbutus and BWC are both 2-0-1, having tied each other 3-3 in their final match up, and will advance to the Provincials.

This year, Kootenay Minor Hockey is hosting the Provincials.

Last year, the Arbutus Club and Seafair represented the Lower Mainland. Arbutus won 4-3 over Dawson Creek in the semis to then lost to Victoria 4-2 in the final.

Seafair were 2-2-0 and didn’t make the semis.


Peewee Tier 3 – Host Arbutus Club
Van T-Birds PW A3-T3 3 Arbutus PW A1-T3 5 28-Feb Arbutus 13:30
BWC PW A3-T3 6 Langley PW A3-T3 3 28-Feb Arbutus 15:15
BWC PW A3-T3 14 Van T-Birds PW A3-T3 2 1-Mar Arbutus 10:00
Arbutus   PW A1-T3 4 Langley PW A3-T3 0 1-Mar Arbutus 11:45
Langley PW A3-T3 Van T-Birds PW A3-T3 Mon Mar 2, 2015 Arbutus 18:00
Arbutus   PW A1-T3 BWC PW A3-T3 Mon Mar 2, 2015 Arbutus 19:45


Tier 4 – Hosted by Abbotsford – Langley advances

#1 Langley A4, #2 Whistler, #3 NSWC A4, #4 Semiahmoo A3

The top seed Langley A4 are banner winners, with a 3-0, 9 GF vs 6 GA record and will represent the Lower Mainland in the East Kootenays this year, in Kimberley.

North Shore finished second with a 2-1 win over Semiahmoo, for a 2-1-0 record, but won’t make the trip to Kimberley as only one PCAHA is permitted in the T4 championships (unless one is hosting).

Last year host Seafair went 6-0-1, avenging their PCAHA final 4 loss to NSWC and winning the final 4-3 vs Elk Valley.


Peewee Tier 4 – Host Abbotsford
Semiahmoo PW A4-T4 1 Langley PW A4-T4 2 28-Feb MSA 17:15
Whistler PW A1-T4 1 NSWC PW A4-T4 3 28-Feb MSA 19:00
Whistler PW A1-T4 9 Semiahmoo PW A4-T4 3 1-Mar MSA 16:45
Langley PW A4-T4 5 NSWC PW A4-T4 3 1-Mar MSA 18:30
NSWC PW A4-T4 2 Semiahmoo PW A4-T4 1 Mon Mar 2, 2015 MSA 18:00
Langley PW A4-T4 2 Whistler PW A1-T4 0 Mon Mar 2, 2015 MSA 19:45