PCAHA Peewee Playoffs – Round 1 Results, All 4 Tiers

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The first round of the PCAHA peewee rep teams is almost complete – one game remains in Tier 3. A total of 54 teams competed, with 16 in the top three tiers and 6 in Tier 4.

Round one features the top 16 teams in each Tier playing off in a single game elimination round, with the top 8 from each Tier matched up against the bottom 8; starting with the 1 vs 16 matchup.

“Tier” placement is a provincial designation and is separate from “Flight” placement, which is the Pacific Coast League’s own designation, designed to provide more parity in regular season match-ups regardless of a team’s provincial Tier designation.

Provincial ‘Tiers” are for the most part based on association membership size; with the first team from a large association automatically designed A1 Tier 1, the second team A2 Tier 2.

A smaller association’s top team could be A1 T2 (New Westminster) or even A1 T3 (Arbutus Club).

The Winter Clubs are exceptions to the membership size rule.

Here are the results to date:



This provincial formula resulted some lopsided results in most Tiers, as teams from lower regular season Flights faced top teams from higher Flights.

In Tier 1 the top three teams went 32-0 in the first three series.

However, in was a different story in Series 4, with #4 Chilliwack narrowly defeating #14 Burnaby, 2-1 in Series 4. Burnaby A1s had finished first in Flight 2.

The favorites won in the remainder of the series, with the exception of the #8 vs #9 matchup, which saw South Delta and the Vancouver T-Birds tie 4-4 in game one, and South Delta win the tiebreaker 2-1.


1st vs 16th BWC PW A1-T1 7 Richmond PW A1-T1 0
2nd vs 15th Seafair PW A1-T1 17 Hollyburn PW A1-T1 0
3rd vs 14th NSWC PW A1-T1 8 Surrey PW A1-T1 0
4th vs 13th Chilliwack PW A1-T1 2 Burnaby PW A1-T1 1
5th vs 12th Abbotsford PW A1-T1 3 Ridge Mdws PW A1-T1 2
6th vs 11th Langley PW A1-T1 6 Coquitlam PW A1-T1 0
7th vs 10th Semiahmoo PW A1-T1 5 Cloverdale PW A1-T1 0
8th vs 9th S Delta PW A1-T1 4 Van T-Birds PW A1-T1 4
tie breaker Van T-Birds PW A1-T1 1 S Delta PW A1-T1 2



In Tier 2, the top 8 all advanced – much more parity here than in Tier 1 between top four and bottom four.


1st vs 16th BWC PW A2-T2 5 New West PW A1-T2 0
2nd vs 15th NSWC PW A2-T2 4 S Delta PW A2-T2 0
3rd vs 14th Pt Moody PW A1-T2 10 Abbotsford PW A2-T2 2
4th vs 13th N Delta PW A1-T2 6 Coquitlam PW A2-T2 4
5th vs 12th Vancouver PW A1-T2 8 Burnaby PW A2-T2 2
6th vs 11th Langley PW A2-T2 5 Chilliwack PW A2-T2 0
7th vs 10th Semiahmoo PW A2-T2 4 Mission PW A1-T2 3
8th vs 9th Seafair PW A2-T2 1 Ridge Mdws PW A2-T2 0



Again, a couple of lop-sided results with the top two teams, but then close matches for the most part in the Series 3 – 8.

There was one significant upset, with #13 North Delta A2 downing #4 North Shore Winter Club A3 after a tie-breaker, the first game ending 2-2, then North Delta closing out with a 4-1 win.

One game remains to be played Sunday – Series 7 Semiahmoo vs Sunshine Coast.


1 vs 16 Arbutus PW A1-T3 10 S Delta PW A3-T3 0
2nd vs 15 BWC PW A3-T3 20 Chilliwack PW A3-T3 2
3rd vs 14th Langley PW A3-T3 5 Coquitlam PW A3-T3 4
4th vs 13th NSWC PW A3-T3 2 N Delta PW A2-T3 2
tie breaker N Delta PW A2-T3 4 NSWC PW A3-T3 1
5th vs 12th Van T-Birds PW A3-T3 4 Pt Moody PW A2-T3 1
6th vs 11th Seafair PW A3-T3 3 Abbotsford PW A3-T3 1
7th vs 10th Semiahmoo PW A3-T3 SS Coast PW A1-T3
8th vs 9th – Ridge Mdws PW A3-T3 7 West Van PW A1-T3 3



Only six Tier 4 teams were in competition.


1 vs 6 Arbutus PW A2-T4 8 NSWC PW A5-T4 3
2 vs 5 BWC PW A4-T4 1 N Van PW A4-T4 3
3 vs 4 Van T-Birds PW A4-T4 2 Ridge Mdws PW A4-T4 4