PCAHA Stretch Drive: Midget Flight 1

in regular season

January 31/2013 – There is an intense competition at the top of flight 1, with a league banner very much still in play. Richmond currently holds the pole position with with 39 points through 18 games. The only problem for Richmond is that they have no games remaining, and a trio of teams are in hot pursuit.

Langley are a poised to overtake Richmond. The team is hot, with three wins and a tie in their last four outings. They sit one point back of Richmond, have more wins overall in case of a tie breaker, and play the 6th place Cloverdale Colts in their final game.

North Vancouver, while further back, could still catch up to take the banner. They take on last place Burnaby on February 3rd and if they get some help from Cloverdale, North Van will have the benefit of knowing exactly how many points, including sportsmanship points, they’ll need from that last game in order to surpass both Richmond and Langley. The squad currently sits at 37 points, two points behind Richmond.

Semiahmoo is mathematically still in contention for a league title. They will need a lot of help, considering that they’re 3 points back. They could pull even with Richmond given a win, a sportsmanship point, losses by North Vancouver and Langley and a lot of luck. Semiahmoo has been on a tear in 2013 with three wins and a tie since January 20th, so even if they fall short of a league title, they could be a tough team to beat in the upcoming playoffs.