Peewee Tier 1 BC Championships, Teams, Schedule

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Here the list of competitors and schedule for this year’s Tier 1 Peewee Championships.


Tier 1, Host Semiahmoo, Lower Mainland District

Format: 6 teams, format 5 game round robin, top 2 go to finals.


Tier 1 – Host Semiahmoo
Juan de Fuca
Prince George
Burnaby Winter Club
North Shore Winter Club


Tier 1 Schedule:

# Time Home GF Visitor GF
1 10 :30AM JDF Semiahmoo
2 1:30PM NSWC Kelowna
3 4:30PM BWC PG
4 8:00PM Kelowna Semiahmoo
# Time Home GF Visitor GF
5 8:00AM PG JDF
6 11:00AM NSWC BWC
7 5:00PM Kelowna JDF
8 8:00PM Semiahmoo BWC
# Time Home GF Visitor GF
9 8:00AM NSWC PG
10 2:00PM BWC JDF
11 5:00PM PG Kelowna
12 8:00PM Semiahmoo NSWC
# Time Home GF Visitor GF
13 8:00AM BWC Kelowna
14 11:00AM JDF NSWC
15 2:00PM Semiahmoo PG
16 8:00PM TBA TBA