PG Cougars – Kamloops Blazers road test new 3 on 3 OT

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Fans attending Saturday night’s Prince George Cougars preseason game against the Kamloops Blazers will be treated to five minutes of 3 0n 3 overtime hockey, regardless of the final score.

The game will be played at the CN Centre.

The OT session will give players, coaches and officials an opportunity to test drive the new three-on-three overtime tie-breaker rules which follow the new NHL format.

After a regulation time tie, the teams will take a two-minute break and then play five minutes of ‘sudden death’ overtime with each team icing three skaters and a goaltender when at even strength.

If the teams are still tied after overtime, a shootout will take plate to determine a winner.

Saturday night’s test drive will be different though as the full five minutes of overtime will take place regardless of whether a goal has been scored.

There will not be a shootout Saturday night, even if teams are still tied.