Pt. Moody Bantam A2 Hosting F4 – BWC A2, Mission, NSWC set

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Feb. 24, 2014


The Final 4 Bantam Tier 2 team match ups have almost been decided. #1 seed BWC A2 (11 overall in league), #2 Mission A1 (13) and #3 NSWC A2 (17) have all advanced from the quarter-final Round 3.

Host #5 seed Port Moody A1 (21) are in dogfight with #4 seed Abby A2s (19), winning first game 3-1 and losing second 4-1, with game three set for Wed, Feb 26.

BWC A2 advanced on 7-1 and 3-2 wins over Surrey Bantam A2 (29).

Mission A1 crushed Van T-Birds A2 (26), 10-0 and 7-2.

NSWC A2 needed three games to get past New West A1 (24), winning game one 4-1, tying game two 3-3 and then closing out with a 6-3 win Feb 24, after falling behind 3-1 in the first period.


BWC A2s were 10-1-1 in Flight 2 at the Christmas turn, with their only loss coming to Mission A1, 1-0 on Dec 14, before being moved to Flight 1 for the New Year, and posting a 1-6-1 record in the top flight. Three of the Bruins losses were by a margin of one or two goals. The team posted a spectacular defensive record in Flight 2, allowing just nine goals in 12 games, and only five in their last nine F2 games. They come in as the favorites to finish first.

Mission A1 stayed in Flight 2 for the full year, posting a 15-4-1 record, losing their first regular season game 2-1 to Chilliwack A1 (15), twice to Cloverdale A1 (14), and once to South Delta A1 (16). The lone tie was 1-1 vs Chilliwack. Their defence allowed 21 goals over the same 12 game stretch that BWC allowed nine. The wildcard for Mission is the fact that they don’t have to win to advance to the Provincials, they’re hosting. This circumstance could certainly play a part in the Final 4 competition, as three teams will advance from the pool to the Provincials.

NSWC A2s were plagued by injuries from the beginning of the season and struggled out of the gate, playing many games with a very short bench (A3 affiliates played home games two hours earlier same night and often weren’t available to fill out line up). The A2 Winterhawks didn’t get their first win until game six, a 6-4 win over Port Moody, and then went 9-5-1. They’ve lost twice to Mission, 6-3 and then a much closer 6-5, Jan 18. They beat Port Moody a second time, 6-1 on Jan 25. They’ve won 4-1 and lost 8-4 to Abby, the other contender. The Winterhawks goals for and against record is 70-66, so they will have to be much better offensively and defensively to win against Mission and BWC A2s. Their wildcard could be use of more A3s first years in the series. A top two finish would definitely give the team a boost going into provincials.

Port Moody finished the regular season 5-13-1, including a 1-5 record over their final six league games. Abbotsford finished 6-11-2, going 3-3 over their final six regular season games.

Port Moody pushed Mission in their final league game, losing just 4-3. Their record is two losses against NSWC, and one against BWC, facing them just once. They split their regular season games against Abby.

As mentioned above, Abby posted an 8-4 win, as well as a 4-1 loss to NSWC; and lost 3-2 and 7-1 to Mission.

The odds are stacked against whichever of these two teams gets to the Final 4. But as we all know, once the puck drops, anything can happen on a given night.


Match-ups at this point:

Final 4 Date Start Time  T1 F4 – All Games at Port Moody GF GF
1 v 4 1-Mar 15:45 BWC A2  Pt Moody A1 or Abby A2
2 vs 3 1-Mar 17:30  Misson A1  NSWC A2
4 vs 2 2-Mar 16″15  Pt Moody A1 or Abby A2  Mission A1
3 vs 1 2-Mar 18:00  NSWC A2  BWC A2
3 vs 4 3-Mar 18:00  NSWC A2  Pt Moody A1 or Abby A2
1 vs 2 3-Mar 19:45  BWC A2  Mission A1