Stage set for #1 claim in Bantam A1

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Last year's opening season face to face tilt was won by NSWC 3-2.


It’s a big night for Bantam A1 hockey in the Lower Mainland tonight (October 17), as the two longtime Winter Club rivals square off for their first head to head of the season.

For the past three years, the two teams have been almost neck in neck through the regular season and tournament play, with BWC having the clear edge in PCAHA championship titles (3 straight), and NSWC having the clear edge provincial championship wins (3 straight).

The two teams will face off at BWC at 5:30 pm carrying almost identical PCAHA records into the game.

Not including non-PCAHA tournament play, the two teams are both 5-0-0 since September 24.

BWC has posted two exhibition wins against Hollyburn A1 and three wins in placement, vs Ridge Meadows, Semiahmoo and the Sno-Kings, for a 42 GF vs 4 GA, 1 SO record.

NSWC has posted one exhibition game against Cloverdale and four placement game wins, for a 30 GF vs 3 GA, 3 SO record.

Both teams have averaged 11 penalty minutes per game, though NSWC took 22 in the game against Cloverdale.

The teams have played only one PCAHA rival in common so far, the Seattle Sno-Kings. NSWC downed them 5-0 Oct. 6, and BWC 8-0 Thursday night.

NSWC are coming off a 6-2 win vs Seafair last night (Oct 16).

The teams are each coached by longtime veteran head coaches, who are returning again this year, North Shore’s Jim Dinwoodie, and BWC’s John Batchelor.

Should be a good one!

Here are the teams’ PCAHA records to date (posted PCAHA exhibition and placement games only).




9/25/15 Hollyburn Bantam A1-T1 (ex) 5 1 W 14
9/26/15 Hollyburn Bantam A1-T1 (ex) 11 1 W 12
10/3/15 Ridge Meadows Bantam A1-T1 10 1 W 14
10/8/15 Semiahmoo Bantam A1-T1 8 1 W 10
10/15/15 Sno-King Bantam A1 8 0 W 6
Totals 42 4 5 0 0 56
Averages 8.4 0.8 11.2


9/24/15 Cloverdale Bantam A1-T1 (ex) 3 0 W 22
10/2/15 Sno-King Bantam A1 5 0 W 6
10/6/15 Vancouver Thunderbird Bantam A1-T1 7 1 W 14
10/14/15 Abbotsford Bantam A1-T1 9 0 W 6
10/16/15 Seafair Bantam A1-T1 6 2 W 8
Totals 30 3 5 0 0 56
Averages 6 0.6 11.2