Vancouver Canucks: Who I BO-lieve the captain should be

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With only a few weeks left of the silly season, we are approaching some actual hockey and the final silly topic to discuss is who should be the Canucks captain next season.

September 2, 2018

by Chris Faber,

The discussion for the Vancouver Canucks next captain may be leaning towards one player, but there is also a number of fans who believe that they don’t need one captain next season.

There are currently seven NHL teams that are without a captain, five of those teams didn’t make the playoffs, one team was in it’s first year of existence and the other one gets so much media coverage that their captain will probably crumble under pressure, unless they give it to John Tavares.


There has been a lot of chatter lately questioning the future captain of the Vancouver Canucks, should they go with three alternates, is it time for Bo Horvat to take control of the team, is Alex Edler or Brandon Sutter the best captain for this team?

Personally I think it’s time for Horvat to be given the “C”, he has been groomed by the Sedins in their final seasons to be a leader. He has played 295 games for the Canucks in the past four seasons, and has done nothing but improve as a player.

When Horvat was drafted a lot of scouts believed he would never be a top line centre and maybe on a better team he isn’t but when those scouts doubted Bo, he doubted the scouts. Horvat went to work and when everyone said he wasn’t fast enough, what did he do? He got faster.

He works as hard as anyone in the offseason and isn’t out there posting videos on Instagram or tweeting out post workout pictures, he’s out there working in silence.

That’s what a leader does, he leads by example and doesn’t need to show off to anyone that the work is being done. Horvat eats, sleeps and breathes hockey, simple as that.

Bo Horvat is not 20 years old anymore, he has seen the evolution of not only the players but the evolution of this franchise, Bo has been there for three different coaches, saw the careers of the two best players in the team’s history come to an end, he has seen the organization “amicably” part ways with arguably the most iconic Canuck of all time.

I have all the time in the world to hear an argument for Boeser as well, this kid has been through so much in his young life. Losing one of his best friends right before he was set to captain team USA at the Ivan Hlinka tournament in 2014.

His coaches gave him the option to return to the USA to grieve with family and friends, he turned that down. Personally I don’t know if I could have done that, Brock actually had to watch the funeral through a facetime video.

Life throws you some of worst curveballs sometimes, and the loss of his close friend Ty Alyea would be a pitch that would be too hard to take if you ask me. Rest in peace Ty.

Boeser has been a leader on the ice, he was an all star in his rookie season, he won most valuable player at that all star game. Some new age NHL fans do believe that a captain is simply the best player on the ice. We see it so much around the NHL that the number one franchise player is simply given the captaincy and is then asked to develop into a leader.

That’s where I think Horvat is a better option, though he may not be the best player on the Canucks, but he is undoubtedly one of the top players. Horvat is my pick and I think this year is the perfect time to give him the “C”.

If the Canucks go with no captain who is the guy in the locker room to answer all the hard questions from J-Pat and Botch? For me it’s still going to be Horvat, he is calm and composed with the media. I think without a captain there is figuratively and literally something missing on the ice.

A team needs a leader, a good quote I saw the other day was “An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep”. This Canuck team could be comparable to an army of sheep I guess and with the right leader anything can happen to this team, they could even win a Stanley Cup by 2027!

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Just don’t make Sutter or Edler the captain, and army of sheep lead by a sheep is definitely useless.

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts in the comments, is everyone on team Horvat or is anyone in favour of Boeser being considered for the captaincy? Do you think they should go with no captain, and if so why?